Unionizing Leo’s workers stage demonstration during lunch hour

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. today, Leo’s workers, who are in the process of negotiating a union contract with Aramark, staged a demonstration on the upper floor of the dining hall. Coinciding with chicken-finger Thursdays and a day when Aramark managers are on-site, the unionizing workers demanded a fair contract from their employer. Joined by many members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, the brief demonstration ended to applause, with chants of “We’ll be back!”

36 Comments on “Unionizing Leo’s workers stage demonstration during lunch hour

  1. I wonder what that means to hate the solidarity committee? I mean why?

  2. This was beyond annoying. I was stuck waiting 20 minutes for food in line. And countless students just walked straight into Leos since nobody was swiping in. Well done…

  3. If you hate students that hold the Georgetown community accountable to our core Jesuit values of social justice and community by supporting the workers that make and serve all of us food every day in their efforts to support their families, then you must also hate puppies, kittens, and Christmas morning.

  4. Dude had to wait 20 minutes! I think we all know who the HERO is in this situation. Good to know you took inspiration from my song Johhny.

  5. You know what else is annoying? Not having affordable health insurance or a living wage to support your family because Aramark, which posted record profits last year, is too greedy to provide that to its workers. But yeah, 20 minutes without chicken fingers? That’s real hardship.

  6. I agree with johhny, cram it up your cramhole hippies

  7. Well, companies are supposed to make money. That’s their goal. Where is the stopping point? Eventually students aren’t going to be able to afford meals

  8. Sure, but when Georgetown has one of the most expensive meal plans in the country and Aramark posted record profits last year, shouldn’t workers be able to be paid a living wage? In addition, a core value in the Jesuit tradition is worker justice. (Plus, the manager of Leo’s drives a BMW.)

  9. Well, the people who work for those companies are supposed to make enough money to support themselves and provide for their families. Isn’t the whole justification for corporate tax breaks and other things that they create good jobs? If a company’s goal is to make profit at any cost, even exploitation of their workers, then where is the stopping point to their greed? Shouldn’t the workers be able to afford meals and health care for themselves and their families too?

  10. What’s wrong with him driving a BMW? I’m not against them being paid a decent wage, but why villain-ize the manager? He’s just doing his job. And the meal plans are only going to get more expensive because of this, pricing out a majority of students. It will then result in less upperclassmen getting meals plans, less revenue for leos, less traffic, less need for employees…

  11. “Pricing out a majority of students.” The meals are already $15 per meal. People looking for a competitive price are likely going elsewhere. Personally I’m more likely to pay that price if I know that members of my community, that I see and interact with daily, are being treated with dignity.

  12. Where do you think the cost goes, buddy? Aramark won’t swallow it. Gtown will pass it on by embedding it in tuition or increase the already-absurd per-meal rate at Leo’s….It’s coming out of your pocket. Grow up and remove your rose-colored glasses.

  13. Union or non-union aside, the employees at Aramark that work at GU are provided a living wage, health insurance and other benefits as a condition of GU’s Just Employment Policy. This policy guarantees a minimum standard is applied to all contract workers on campus. It applies to Aramark, AlliedBarton (residence hall security guards), and others. Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable that Aramark workers want to unionize and may want to get more than they already get, but it’s unfair and untrue to say that they don’t get a living wage and health insurance.

  14. congrats to all of the leo’s workers for fighting for a fair contract! keep it up!

  15. The Just Employment Policy includes benefits in the total living wage. If the company offers health insurance that is technically compliant with the living wage, but that workers nevertheless consider too expensive to buy, then the Just Employment Policy does not ensure affordable health care.

  16. I stopped going to Leo’s this past school year. It is simply too expensive. The food costs of my high school’s lunch program were less than $1.35 per meal. Breakfast was free and paid for using state funds. Granted, the quality wasn’t as good as at Leo’s, but Leo’s food sure as hell is not that much better than my high school meals. In total my high school spent roughly $9,300 per year per pupil. At Georgetown a meal plan with 3 meals per day costs over half the entire cost of educating an average high school student.

    The real story hear is how students are getting screwed. Our tuition alone is 4 times what it costs the government to send a kid to public school. We get less class time and less administrative support at Georgetown than at literally every high school in America…and we pay way more than we ever should on meal costs.

  17. Thank you to the workers and students who participated in and organized this action! You are fighting against a corrupt and complex system that hurts workers, their families, and students across the country. Thank you for standing up and speaking out! You are an inspiration to so many of us (near and far away), and I look forward to hearing about your contract victory.

  18. …And yes, I recognize the irony that the very system I oppose affords me the luxury of biting the hand that feeds.

    But that’s exactly why privileged fucks like me should feel obliged to whine and kick and scream- until everyone has everything they need.

  19. I’m sick of the Voice cheerleading for Gtown Solidarity. It should just change its name to the Daily Worker and be done with it.

  20. I was able to serve myself during this protest. Leo’s instantly became more efficient.

  21. To be honest, they should be thankful that they have a job with benefits when so many people in this economy have no job to speak of.

  22. It sounds like you should have gone to a state school…

  23. A huge resume boost for all hoya comrades involved. Congrats! could i get three cheers for law school!?

    Also, that complex and corrupt system, is called a “market economy” and it “does pretty good.”

    The manager owning a BMW has nothing to do with the exploitation of the workers, Aramarks record profits etc. His job requires more training, skill, whatever so he/she gets paid more. I doubt the beamer was a smart financial move, but I don’t see the relationship between him dropping 25k on a used beamer and workers getting paid a wage some of us deem unfair.

  24. i wonder if the workers even know what it means to be part of a union or what their costs associated with membership acutally pay for.

    im sure if you fire’d them all, theres plenty of other who have no jobs who would gladly fill them at the same price or even a little less!

  25. WAY TO GO!!!! Yay for solidarity!…not. Leos workers are unmotivated, slow, rude, and cranky.
    Nothing will change even if they get higher wages.

  26. WAY TO GO!!!! Yay for solidarity!…not. Leos workers are unmotivated, slow, rude, and cranky.
    Nothing will change even if they get higher wages.

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