Public Safety Alert: Computer monitors stolen from Research Building

At approximately 2:30 p.m. yesterday, two individuals stole several computer monitors from the loading dock area of the Research Building, according to a public safety alert. After an employee reported the theft at 9:00 a.m. this morning, authorities from the Department of Public Safety and the Metropolitan Police Department responded to the scene. Surveillance footage captured the images of the two suspects and their getaway vehicle.

One suspect is described as a roughly 5’11” black male, 35-45 years old, wearing a black track jacket with a white stripe down the sleeve, dark pants, white shoes, and a baseball cap. The second suspect is also a black male wearing a baseball cap, 35-40 years old, wearing a dark jacket and dark cargo pants. Their getaway vehicle is described as a relatively new, white 2-door Dodge Ram pickup truck.

A few days ago, an office suite in the New Research Building was burglarized and a computer monitor was stolen, but there has been no indication that the two incidents are related. DPS and MPD are investigating both incidents.

DPS requests that anyone who has information regarding this incident, or who noticed any suspects before or after the incident, to contact them immediately at (202) 687-4343.

One Comment on “Public Safety Alert: Computer monitors stolen from Research Building

  1. This is interesting because anyone who walks through the loading dock area knows that they regularly leave throw away computer supplies sitting on pallets in the loading dock area with the garage wide open. I would be interested to know if these were from the pile of electronics supplies being removed or if these were brand new equipment.

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