South entrance of Dupont Circle Metro station closes tomorrow for over 8 months

Starting tomorrow, the south entrance of the Dupont Circle Metro station will be closed while the three escalators leading into and out of the station are completely replaced. The entrance has to be closed for safety reasons because each escalator must be removed via crane. The project is expected to last 8 and a half months.

Because the current escalators are not standard, and their manufacturer no longer makes escalators, it is virtually impossible for WMATA to find replacement parts. The entrance shutdown will allow the city to install standard, industrial-grade escalators that have a longer lifespan and are easier to maintain.

During construction, safety concerns during peak times may provoke WMATA to shut the north entrance of the station or to direct Red Line trains to bypass the station. In case of an emergency in the station, one of the south escalators will always be kept available as an evacuation route.

The project is part of a system-wide effort to modernize Metro stations. Over the next seven years, WMATA plans to completely replace 94 escalators.

While the south entrance is closed, Metro customers are advised to use the station’s north entrance at Q Street and Connecticut Avenue NW or the Farragut North station’s L Street NW entrance 1/2 mile down Connecticut Ave. Minor construction work has been halted at both of these entrances for the duration of the escalator replacement.


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