This week in the Voice: February 2, 2012

Our first issue of February hits newsstands today! For this week’s feature, Aodhan Beirne documents the efforts of community leaders to help the homeless of Georgetown:

Even for those who do not suffer from mental illness, obstacles abound. For these people, it is tough “to be presentable to get back in the job forces, to find the services that connect you to those jobs, and to be able to get out and do a job search every day,” Witherspoon said. “If someone is not on social security, and is not working, it’s hard to find the money to properly dress yourself, or even get on the bus to find a job.”

Even if they obtain a job, employment may not be enough to afford someone a steady home. This is the situation for Steve, a GMC client, who is employed, but not steadily enough to accrue savings.

On the Editorials page, the editorial board condemns continued Congressional intrusion into the wombs and personal lives of the people of the District of Columbia.

In NewsFatima Taskomur discusses the uneven beginnings for the Center for Student Programs’ new communications platform for student groups, Hoyalink.

In the Sports pages, Tim Shine recaps Georgetown’s much-needed victory last night over the defending champion Connecticut Huskies.

In the Leisure section, Julia Lloyd-George reviews The Bi(g) Life, two solo Performing Arts senior thesis projects that will run in DPAC this weekend and tackle questions of identity and stigma head on.

On Page 13, John Sapunor, Nico Dodd and Cannon Warren have drawn a combination of words and pencil scratches that look quite like comics!

And in VoicesParks and Recreation fanatic Iris Kim explains why she’s voting for Pawnee’s own Leslie Knope in the 2012 elections.

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