New South 3 without a chaplain after incident Wednesday night

Update, 1:20 p.m., February 4: According to the Department of Public Safety daily crime log for Wednesday, DPS officers “responded to a verbal altercation which escalated into physical contact between an affiliate and his spouse” at New South at approximately 11:17 p.m. The report classifies the incident as “domestic violence.”

Original post, 1:54 a.m., February 3: After an incident on Wednesday night that involved Emmanuel Kornyo and his wife and provoked a 911 call, Kornyo is no longer the Chaplain-in-Residence on the third floor of New South Hall and his biography has been removed from the University’s website. According to a resident of the floor, Kornyo left the building at approximately 6 p.m. Thursday night and his name has been removed from the door of his former apartment.

Shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday, residents of the third floor received an email (excerpted here) from hall director James Lorello, informing them that they would not have a Chaplain-in-Residence for the time being:

As you may know an incident did occur last night on your floor related to our chaplain in residence.

I wanted to reach out to inform everyone that the situation has been taken care of and that everything is fine. For the time being there will be no Chaplain on the third floor. I apologize that I can not give more details about this incident but you can trust that everything has been dealt with.

Lorello’s email concluded by providing the contact information of Assistant Director of Residence Life Katie Heather and Director of the GU Women’s Center Laura Kovach.

Around 11 p.m. Wednesday night, Police cars and an ambulance arrived at New South, responding to a call from inside the dormitory. DPS officials declined to comment on anything related to the incident because of the ongoing investigation, and MPD officials could not be reached for comment. University spokeswoman Stacy Kerr wrote in an email to Vox late Thursday night:

The Georgetown Department of Public Safety and the Metropolitan Police Department responded to a call in New South last night. We take the safety and security of our community very seriously and are investigating the incident. These matters are sensitive and appropriate steps are being taken. The details of the DPS investigation are confidential.

During the incident, according to a resident of the third floor speaking on the condition of anonymity, Kornyo’s wife left her apartment with their child, entering the room of two residents on the floor. Police arrived shortly thereafter in response to a call, and entered the Kornyos’ residence. Vox is attempting to confirm further details about the incident.

Kornyo (pictured), a Ghanaian Roman Catholic graduate of the University of Ghana and the Washington Theological Union, lived on the third floor of New South with his wife and child. At some point on Thursday evening, Kornyo’s name and links to his email and biography were removed from the Campus Ministry’s online list of the University’s Chaplains-in-Residence.

We will update this post as we get more information.

3 Comments on “New South 3 without a chaplain after incident Wednesday night

  1. This is actually mildly intriguing. I’d be interested in knowing what happened. Time to put on your investigative journalism pants, Vox!

  2. Maybe you should read the article again. It’s pretty obvious what happened, and the reasons for not going into detail are understandable given that there are kids involved.

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