Vox Pupuli: a Golden Retriever puppy for two and a half grand

At last weekend’s Senior Auction, a most cute golden retriever puppy was offered as one of the night’s items to bid on. While organizers reportedly expected $5,000 for the spectacular youngin, he went for a cool $2,500. Voice photographer Matthew Funk was able to spend a few moments with the handsome, hopefully paper-trained, auction item. Vox attempts to avoid most biases, but one we shall never be ashamed of harboring is toward golden retrievers.

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Photos: Matt Funk and the College Prepster

2 Comments on “Vox Pupuli: a Golden Retriever puppy for two and a half grand

  1. Dying of cuteness. I demand that future GUSA executives campaign on a platform of puppies for all.

  2. Auctioning a live animal is so beneath you Georgetown! Adopting a puppy is a serious decision and requires a lot of responsibility, planning and thought.The problem with auctioning off animals is that it represents an impulse buy rather than a conscious decision to acquire a pet, with the result being a higher chance of the animal ultimately being turned in to a shelter. You have no way of knowing the home that his dog is going to is prepared for a puppy. Each breed is different and has different needs and might not fit the family that wins. Any reputable breeder would never let their puppy be auctioned for charity and if this puppy was obtained from “breeder” or a pet store, you have just supported Puppy Mills and backyard breeding.

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