Vote in our GUSA Executive election straw poll!

Next Thursday, Hoyas will go to the polls (electronically) to decided between seven tickets that are running for the GUSA Executive. For the last few days, Red Square and social media has been bombarded with campaign ads and videos. On Sunday, a packed Leavey Program Room watched the seven presidential candidates spar with each other, and on Wednesday evening, the seven vice presidential candidates will debate on the same stage.

Our straw poll last year incorrectly predicted that Jed Feiman and Henry Sims would win, so take the results, when we publish them later this week, with a grain of salt. The number of candidates means that the instant-runoff voting system that will be employed will play an important role in deciding who will be the next GUSA President and Vice President. The number of people who list a particular candidate fourth in their preferences could easily play a role next week.

All that being said, vote in our straw poll!

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26 Comments on “Vote in our GUSA Executive election straw poll!

  1. Malkerson, really? He has multiple violations and was supposed to be kicked out of the apts months ago. He just refuses to surrender his key. The RAs get called to his apt just about every night because they’re so damn loud. He just doesn’t care and refuses to play by the rules. Putting him in charge would be a huge mistake.

    Surprised they 1) haven’t forced him to move out and 2) are letting him run for GUSA.

  2. @I know something you should know says, oh hey Nate Tisa! Not above throwing mud I see? Why isn’t that surprising that you run a sleazy campaign…

  3. Honestly, I’d rather vote for someone who has experience being fucked by the ridiculous Student Code of Conduct. Stay strong, Colton.

  4. If the candidates know what’s good for them, they’ll take advantage of the IRV system and cross-endorse. With such a wide field, this election will be won by people’s second and third preferences (hence why this poll is moot). I still don’t understand why the candidates refused to preference swap last time.

    Anyway, I’m assuming that Colton is the choice of the Most Venerable Bro’s since he helped shepherd through the hot mess that is SAFE reform. Then again, how will it work if the rest of the Machine have such inflated egos that they’re also running?

    @I know something you should know: Even if this were true, you are a fool for negatively campaigning in a GUSA election. Seriously, go do something that actually matters to the good of humanity instead of worrying about whether someone committed a likely trumped up Category X, Y, or Z violation.

  5. The straw poll will be open until Thursday night or so.

  6. Oh, GUSA elections. I have dearly missed this petty, “anonymous” shit throwing on Vox comments. What will I do next year?!

  7. It looks like Colton’s hit men came out while I was writing my comment. To be clear, Colton’s alleged conduct issues are also far from the greatest human rights challenge of our generation. :P

    On a side now, look at me double commenting in a GUSA thread. I have no life…

  8. We have not published any comments on this poll until now. We do not engage in negative campaigning. Comments suggesting otherwise are ill-informed.

  9. There are individuals characterizing their opponents in negative, unfair ways. As far as I can, Nate’s isn’t one them.

  10. this is starting to look like Gingrich-Romney all over again, except a few generations younger…welcome to the next round of Washington Politics! sleezebags. seriously, why do we even need GUSA anyway? nice resume boost guys!!

  11. Everyone take a deep cleansing breath. This is a student government election. Feel the love. <3

  12. I like that Ziad defended himself against being called a jerk, but not LaMagna. Telling…

  13. I’ve known Dan LaMagna for seven years and, I assure you, he is not and has never been a jerk. There’s no need for him to respond to your taunt either. Grow up. He has better things to do, like focusing on his campaign.

  14. Gtown Sophmomore, Dan LaMagna, at his own discretion, is not going to get involved in your petty name calling on Vox comments. This is a GUSA Presidential Race. There are no lives at stake. There is no nuclear weapon launch code. You, and everyone else engaging in name-calling, personal attacks, or any negative campaigning of any sorts ought to stop, take a step back, and breathe. We, as I am sure all the other candidates are, are in it to win. But remember, we are all Georgetown. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

  15. @Gtown Sophomore: Never asked him to respond. Glad you did for him, though.

    Ziad Jawadi: Pro-tip: you should probably spend more time campaigning and less time trolling the Vox comments. I’m not involved in any campaign; I don’t even know who I’m going to vote for, so I’m not sure how this is negative campaigning. And I don’t need to step back or breathe; I’m perfectly calm. I’m just describing numerous interactions I’ve had with Daniel. But I’m glad you show your commitment to transparency by hounding commenters on blogs.

  16. I just don’t see anyone in this race who isn’t a total jackass… it’s sad really, particularly when their ways forward seem to be digging deeper rather than helping students.

    I’m with you though. LaMagna is hilariously bad at most things.

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