Gustafson 1st, Tisa 2nd, “Undecided/Chicken Madness” not last in Vox straw poll

With 643 votes tallied, the winner of the Vox straw poll of next week’s GUSA Executive election is┬áthe Gustafson-Kohnert-Yount ticket, which received over 22.5 percent of the vote. The Tisa-Walsh campaign came in a relatively close second, garnering 16.17 percent of the vote. Jockeying for third in the poll were the Delaney-Appau and Morris-Weber campaigns, which attracted 13.2 percent and 12.1 percent respectively. In fifth place, the LaMagna-Starks ticket received 10.7 percent of the vote. Not escaping the single digits, the Malkerson-Cleary campaign amassed 9.8 percent. With 6.53 percent of the vote, the Sax-Crouch ticket finished dead last, behind “Undecided/Chicken Madness”, which received 8.86 percent.

It should be noted that while we took all possible steps to prevent tomfoolery, last year’s straw poll did not accurately predict the winner, and this year far more voters than the 643 who participated in our poll are expected to vote in the election.

6 Comments on “Gustafson 1st, Tisa 2nd, “Undecided/Chicken Madness” not last in Vox straw poll

  1. Go Tisa-Walsh!! Substance, simplicity, and a new direction for GUSA.

  2. The 2nd choice votes will make a big difference in this election and that will favor Morris-Weber and Malkerson-Cleary. Plus Tisa-Walsh aren’t going to do nearly this well in the actual vote.

  3. What, no IRV in the poll? C’mon, fellas, there are surveys that allow you rank choices. The results can be misleading otherwise.

  4. Team Sax Crouch is where it’s at! The only core campaign group that didn’t vote for themselves a billion and one times yet still got all that real support showing up in the polls!

    Get at us on comp./mobile:

  5. I hear Team Sax actually doorknocked for the strawpoll…

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