This Week in the Voice: March 1, 2012

In this week’s feature, Connor Jones uncovers the special protocol behind the Corp’s compliance with health regulations:

When initially asked whether there was a special protocol during health inspections, both outgoing Chief Executive Officer Alex Pon (COL ’12) and Heinichen responded negatively. “People are just supposed to stay clean on shift,” Pon said. When the Voice asked Heinichen about her “Code Black” email, she said the Corp inherited the term from previous classes “as a way of saying be on your game, the health inspector is here.” Heinichen insisted that all Corp establishments are always health code compliant. Available inspection records did not reveal any major health code violations.

In the same interview, Heinichen said that hats are not required attire for coffee-shop employees. However, the Voice received an internal email to the Corp’s senior management sent after the interview when the hat question was asked. In it, Heinichen wrote, “Hats are the only thing that we technically do wrong.”

The feature also delves into how the Corp classifies and budgets for their “welcome parties” and “a yearly blowout at the Georgetown Holiday Inn”:

Some managers, however, do encourage their employees to subvert Corp carding with fake IDs. The then-Hoya Snaxa Director of Personnel, addressed the carding issue in a December 2011 email to his staff: “Bring your fake, open bar at the Inn.”
Another email dated December 2008 shows the then-Director of Personnel for Vital Vittles encouraging Vittles employees to come with fake IDs in tow: “Bring your ID that says you’re 21 (wink wink) or find a Corpie that looks like you.”

In Editorials, The Ed Board criticizes the Department of Public Safety’s public safety alerts for employing language that perpetuates harmful and irresponsible attitudes toward sexual assault.

In News, Morgan Manger breaks down the draft budgets for SAC, CSJ and other funding boards put forth by the GUSA Finance and Appropriations committee last night.

In the Sports section, Abby Sherburne recaps the women’s lacrosse team’s decisive 16-7 victory over the Delaware Blue Hens in their season opener yesterday.

For LeisureJulia Lloyd-George reviews Studio Ghibli’s newest film The Secret World of Arrietty, written by Hayao Miyazaki, which will make audiences believe that the most fascinating things in life are found in the most overlooked places.

On Page 13, Rob Sapunor is downright Suessian again this week, poetically pondering all the places Hoyas will go this spring break!

And finally in Voices, Iris Kim laughs at older generations’ attempts to understand the role of Pinterest, a new photo-bookmarking social media website, in the galaxy of social media.

22 Comments on “This Week in the Voice: March 1, 2012

  1. Dear Voice Staff,
    I would love to come discuss this article with you in the Voice office. Oh wait…

  2. Shorter Voice:

    “J’ACCUSE you of not wearing a hat all the time.”

  3. The Corp is no different than any other group regarding underage drinking. I’m sure that the writers for the Voice have all had a drink before their 21st birthday…

  4. Voice, ridiculous excuse for a cover article. Try harder. There are tons of great stories out there to cover than regurgitating some Corp e-mails about hats.

  5. I would be surprised to find another group on campus that’s devoted $30,000 to underage drinking.

  6. You’re telling me that students, including some who are underage, are drinking when they’re not working? And not only that, but that the only health code they are in violation of is that they’re not always wearing hats while on shift?

    Hmmm. Gonna need a latte to think this over. Guess I’ll go to Midnight

  7. As I said on the main article page, why won’t the Corp just wash its hands of the issue by paying its employees more and having them pay for the parties out of their own pockets? That’s how every other organization does it.

    More to the point, who will protect the guy that leaked the e-mails? He’s clearly going down for violating Corp [br]omertà!

  8. I’d also be surprised to find another group on campus that devotes $50,000 a year to philanthropy. Not to mention the fact that The Corp isn’t a student group, it’s a company. The corp is using the money it makes from being a business, not student funds like student groups do. Why shouldn’t a company use the money that it makes to benefit its employees?

  9. LOL!! So true Fareed! The Corpies are such Bros!

  10. you seem to think that The Corp is a student organization. Its not, its a legitimate 501(c)3 corporation (justified by its “educational institution” status) that just so happens to be run entirely by Georgetown students. As such it enjoys certain benefits, like the ability to spend its money however it chooses, so long as at the end of the year it does not record a profit. While other student organizations may be required to fund their parties out of pocket, The Corp can allocate HR funding in any amount so long as it is in accordance with US Law.

    The real story here is not that The Corp spends money on parties where underage students might drink, but in HOW LITTLE it spends on HR events. In fact, as cited in the article, the number has decreased in recent years, which means as profits have recovered, spending on employees has gone down and charitable giving has gone up. That, I think, should warrent an article on being a GOOD non profit.

    Further, I think it would do The Voice well to remember the Corp’s role as a provider of funds for students and student groups where the University may fall short. The day may come where your newspaper is short on money and seeks advertisement revenue…but The Corp is long in memory, and as you’ve no doubt realized by the reaction to this article, has many, MANY friends and supporters.

  11. The university would have done students a service if they would have shut down The Voice at the beginning of the year after its members damaged offices in Leavy while drunkenly evading DPS officers.

  12. Have you ever considered taking up airport fiction writing? That last paragraph would fit perfectly in a Tom Clancy novel.

  13. @@Fareed

    I’m not going to argue the finer points of tax law, but I will point you to an internal memo in the article where the Corp’s own CFO argues there may be some improprieties with how the HR budget is used. I’m just arguing that it would be better just to avoid the issue altogether. More to the point, it’s too bad that an organization that started to underwrite student activism (look up Roger Cochetti) has become so insular.


    I think this comment speaks volumes about the anti-accountability culture that exists here (see also GUSA bro comments in re “We Got Rolled” by Rachel Calvert). While the Corp becomes hyper-defensive when criticized based on *FACTS*, the Voice is one of the few organizations that has shown a willingness to have its dirty laundry aired in public, even though such comments scarcely relate to the task at hand (and may not be completely accurate, although I can’t actually know).

  14. @@Fareed

    Good call, guy. Get pissed about a story, make vague threats to punish the paper that published it. That’ll show them!

  15. When has the Voice owned up to anything? Most recently, one of its writers insinuated in a blog post that Markel Starks was too incompetent to run for GUSA because he was a basketball player. When called out on this, the writer made no apologies and unprofessionally attacked the commenters.

  16. I don’t think pulling advertizing is a “vague threat”. I think it would be a fair response if that’s what the corp wanted to do.

  17. Unfortunately, the Corp’s memory isn’t long enough. I loathed the Voice back in my day for pulling shit like this (not just with the Corp, but with all student groups it could manufacture “dirt” on). It seems that many had forgotten. Thank you, Connor Jones, for reminding them.

  18. This is borderline absurd. A group condones underage drinking? I went to several parties for the Voice while at Georgetown – one was a fundraiser where it was 5$ for a cup to support the Voice. Think they were carding? It’s morons that write articles like this that fuck up things for everyone else.

    I want my goddamned five dollars back you hypocritical bastards.

  19. I’m pretty sure that CSP would kick The Voice’s a$$ to the curb if they had hard evidence of that fundraiser…

  20. haha i bet that as the Voice editors were getting ready to publish this piece of poop article, they thought they were the next Woodward and Bernstein. nice try.

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