Twuesday Tweetacular: Madness? This is Snooki!

If you’re feeling pessimistic about Georgetown’s chances against Belmont Friday, try out Voice staffer Emma Forster‘s concept for a March Madness pool.

Brittany Wade‘s observation highlights the internal social class dilemma haunting Glover Park bachelors. Well, that basement apartment may not be much, but it has one advantage over a Georgetown house: it’s safe from drunk Hoyas.

Looks like Shauntell Pinckney made a typo. She obviously meant to say “The Voice is such an amazing weekly news magazine.”

Either that exclamation point after Epcot is there for sardonic purposes, or Joseph Graumann has forever diminished the power of that punctuation mark. I mean, Epcot is so boring, it makes Downton Abbey look like A Clockwork Orange. It makes PBS look like Cinemax. It makes Ben Stein look like Bono.

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