In case you missed it, here’s that Ideascale

A few weeks ago, the COO Chris Augostini’s office rolled out the much-anticipated Ideascale–the crowd-sourced ideas forum. How it works is you submit an idea under a category like, “Technology,” “Housing,” “Food,” etc. Then other people vote on whether or not they like it. Sadly, you have to log in with your real name, so that precludes some ol’ fashion anonymous trolling.

3 Comments on “In case you missed it, here’s that Ideascale

  1. Does this mean the Sax/Crouch ideascale push was already in process or that the University adopted it from them?

  2. It was going to happen regardless. Don’t tell the Hoya editorial board that, though.

  3. But Crouch was instrumental in getting it done well before he ran for GUSA… it wouldn’t have happened without him.

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