Hollis Thompson declares for NBA Draft, will hire agent

The writing has been on the wall ever since he tested the waters last spring, but for those Hoya fans who couldn’t or wouldn’t believe it, it’s official now—Hollis Thompson will forgo his senior season and enter the NBA Draft. Thompson will hire an agent, although even if he didn’t, his decision would be irreversible—a player  is only allowed to enter and withdraw from the draft once during their college career.

Thompson’s decision certainly didn’t come as a shock to head coach John Thompson III, who’s been prepared for the junior forward’s departure since last spring.

“Hollis returned for his junior year after submitting his name for the 2011 NBA Draft,” Coach Thompson said in a statement. “We fully anticipated he would enter the 2012 draft after this season. He is an extremely hard worker and we wish him the best as he takes his next step.”

Thompson was the Hoyas’ second leading scorer at 12.7 points per game this season while shooting 43 percent on three-point attempts. His departure, coupled with the loss of seniors Henry Sims and Jason Clark, strips the Hoyas of all upperclassmen. Next season, the Hoyas will play without any seniors, having previously lost Thompson’s classmates Vee Sanford and Jerrelle Benimon to transfers.

This season, Thompson started on a tear, averaging 14.6 points per game through the first 18 games. He provided one of the highlights of the season, draining a game-winning three to defeat Alabama in Tuscaloosa in November. However, in the final 15 games of the season, he became less of a centerpiece of the offense, averaging 10.7 points per game and seemingly disappearing for stretches. He was memorably not on the court for the Hoyas’ final offensive possession in overtime at Syracuse in February. As in previous years, he performed superbly in the Hoyas’ final game of the season, notching 23 points in Georgetown’s loss to North Carolina State last week during the NCAA Tournament.

4 Comments on “Hollis Thompson declares for NBA Draft, will hire agent

  1. He hasn’t been on any mock drafts since December. Unless he knows something we don’t, it makes 0 sense why he would leave just to be a second round pick at best. Wish him the best, but stupid decision.

  2. It’s no secret that everyone on the team hates JTIII and can’t stand to stick around for an extra year to be coached by him. It’s a tragedy that he’s leaving but understandable given the circumstances.

  3. He is going to graduate and will not get better staying another year. Our offense will not teach him to get to the hoop or create his own shot. It’s a good decision. Worst case he makes 250k a year in Europe.

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