Newt Gingrich addresses campaign staff shake-up in interview

In an interview with campus media prior to his speech in Gaston Hall this evening, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich discussed his campaign’s viability, in light of a recent staff shake-up and polling that suggests six out of ten Republicans want Gingrich to drop out of the race:

We streamlined the campaign precisely to be able to continue to Tampa, not to suspend it. There’s a difference between streamlining and suspending. And frankly because of the news media coverage, I don’t pay attention to polls like that. Remember my campaign was dead in June and July, every reporter in the country said it was dead, and by the middle of December Gallup said I was ahead by 15 points and Rasmussen said I was ahead by 21, so I worry much more about how to develop new approaches like my speech tonight how to communicate issues that matter, we just spent three weeks with Obama on defense over energy and I think if you go back and look that was almost entirely my campaign. I think we’re having a positive impact, and we’re going to continue campaigning all the way to Tampa. And I think Governor Romney has clearly has not gotten a majority, nobody thinks he has a majority at this stage, so why would you quit? I’m from Atlanta, we were ahead by 10 and a half games last year- there were only 28 games left. Imagine if we could’ve talked St. Louis into quitting- we’d be happier today. We’re living proof that playing out the entire season matters.

Asked who he would tell his supporters to list as their second choice if America employed the instant-runoff voting that GUSA elections use, Gingrich said to his staff’s laughter, “I wouldn’t. I would tell them to write my name in nine times.”

Yesterday, Gingrich visited the Salisbury Zoo in southern Maryland. He said about the trip, “I’m a big zoo fan. I’ve gone to 100 zoos around the world.”

Photo: Julian De La Paz

3 Comments on “Newt Gingrich addresses campaign staff shake-up in interview

  1. i’m shocked to discover newt is a fan of zoos. Where else can he still view creatures from around the world being held against their will for the pleasure of others.

  2. If elected, I will build a zoo on the moon with our colony

  3. The primary purpose of zoos (accredited zoos at least, and I only support accredited ones) is as research and education institutions. To be sure, attracting the public who may enjoy seeing animals is part of their mission, but it is not fundamentally why modern zoos exist. And remember, seeing animals and enjoying seeing them can be part of learning about animals we would know much less about otherwise.

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