The 26th Annual DC International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow

If American ReunionClash of the Titans or John Carter aren’t striking your fancy, the upcoming Filmfest DC—the Washington, DC International Film Festival—is the perfect way to restore your faith in cinema. Beginning tomorrow, the 26th Annual Filmfest runs through April 22nd at various locations, including E Street Cinema and Gallery Place. Be sure to check the festival’s website for all ticketing, location, and schedule information.

This year’s festival is based on three themes: The Lighter Side, comprised of hilarious comedies full of both cultural relevance and smiles; Caribbean Journeys, films of tropic wonder, seeking to explain, identify, and understand the complex societies of the the Caribbean islands; and Justice Matters, which features some of the highest ranked documentaries from the past year on social justice.

In addition to the film screenings, a filmmakers’ panel will be held on Saturday at Busboys & Poets (the one at 5th and K) at 10 a.m. The panel will feature local filmmakers who have pieces in the festival this year, and they will be discussing their own connection to the subject matter of their films. This panel is free, but Busboys & Poets is a popular place to grab brunch and discuss the revolución, so get there early.

The festival kicks off tomorrow night with Starbuck, a Canadian comedy about a sperm donor who finds how he has indirectly fathered over 500 children, and finishes on Sunday, April 22nd, with The Intouchables, which is billed as the “second most successful French film of all time.” In between the opener and closer is a slew of other films conscientious of social justice, slathered in whimsy, or documenting the rich historical construct that is the Caribbean. If you’ve got an interest in cinema, if you’re big on affecting the world in a positive, or you just want a good laugh, be sure to check out the District’s film festival!

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