Vox Pupuli: JJ is on his way to the Hilltop!

Oh, the places he’ll go! Georgetown’s new mascot-in-training Jack Junior is currently traveling from his birthplace in Southern California to Washington, D.C., visiting with Georgetown alumni and seeing famous sites like the Las Vegas Strip and the Gateway Arch along the way.

After a weeklong road trip, Jack Junior will arrive on the Hilltop at the end of his cross-country trip on Friday at 4 p.m. for a welcome ceremony at Healy Circle (you can follow his progress across the country here).

At the official celebration, JJ will receive his Georgetown collar and become a Hoya. Hoya Blue, the Pep Band, and the cheerleaders will be on hand to attempt to teach JJ the words to the fight song. All attendees will get a “special celebratory favor” after the ceremony.

Friday also promises the first meeting between JJ and his Mr. Miyagi, Jack the Bulldog, who is still recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL.

While we anxiously await Jack Junior’s arrival in 48 hours, here’s another video of the young whippersnapper! That poor shoe! We wonder if the shoe’s Nike logo was intentional.

Photo: Christopher Steck

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