Invisible Children co-founder Bobby Bailey visits the Hilltop

Social activist and co-founder of Invisible Children Bobby Bailey spoke to students last night in a speech sponsored by the Lecture Fund and Invisible Children Georgetown, highlighting the development of the organization in the past ten years as well as sharing his plans for the future after leaving Invisible Children.

Bailey, who became involved in social activism in his early twenties, first urged the audience to think of what defines the contemporary youth generation. “As far as pressing in and doing something remarkable, what if it comes down to us?” he suggested. “What if we are the best of a generation?”

Bailey briefly mentioned co-founder Jason Russell’s recent arrest for public nudity and inebriation following the release and publicity of the short documentary Kony 2012. “The psychological break of our leader and one of my best friends is a tough pill to swallow,” he said.

While Bailey left the Invisible Children organization officially in 2009 in order to take on other causes in Africa, his presentation still focused on his personal story, the history of Invisible Children, and why this specific issue had captivated his team so much. “I remember thinking that if this night commute, child abduction thing happened even one night in America, would it not be on the cover of TIME magazine? This bothered me in my core and psyche,” Bailey said.

Bailey also detailed Invisible Children’s emphasis flipping the way that these issues were addressed. Using films, tours, and social media to spread awareness, Bobby and his team hoped that they could rally support for those affected by a cause thousands of miles away from donors and supporters.

He ended his speech with his favorite mantra: “They say I’m extreme, I say I’m a realist… They say we need a new initiative, I saw we need a new dream. They say, ‘Sure, we need change.’ I say we need revolution now. Live your insane fantasy.”

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