Breaking News: Copley Lawn will not be barricaded tomorrow

Georgetown Day Planning Committee announced in an email to students that Copley Lawn will no longer be barricaded tomorrow.

A historic moment for administrative relations with the student body, this decision was made amid serious protestations from the student body over the fairness of the proposed scaled back Georgetown Day.

Last night students were proposing an alternative Georgetown Day site to continue the celebrations without movement restrictions. Letters were sent to President John DeGioia from students asking him to “please take down the barricades, put a stop to the plan to kettle us, and restore our freedom of movement on Friday.”

“We applaud the planning committee of Georgetown Day 2012 for their work to listen to the concerns expressed by students. We appreciate that the planning committee found a way to incorporate the students’ concerns into the efforts they have made to ensure a safe and fun day,” University spokeswoman Stacy Kerr said.

The Planning Committee’s email called it a “Copley Compromise”:

Fellow Georgetown students:
We have worked tirelessly for the past five weeks to put together the best day possible for Georgetown Day 2012.  We established that having a safe environment to hold our celebrations was a top priority.  In doing so, we understand that the plan we put together was received by many students to prevent the sense of community we are coming together to share on the lawns.


We appreciate your input, we heard your valid concerns and we have worked quickly with the university administration to address them.  We believe that removing the barricades on Copley Lawn and replacing them with security checks at the entrances to the lawn accomplishes our goal of providing a safe environment while addressing your concerns that our security plan was too rigid.  This is the same policy that was in place last year.  No area on the lawn will be barricaded.

In the future, we hope that the concerns you have expressed regarding our security plan can be a part of our early planning process.  We truly look forward to having your input in the fall as we begin planning for Georgetown Day 2013.

We look forward to you joining us tomorrow as we celebrate all that we have accomplished during our years at Georgetown.


The Georgetown Day Planning Committee
Maeve Brody
Chris Butterfield
Geoff Bible
JM Alatis
Luke Carter
Greg Laverriere
Megan Lenihan
Mike Meaney
Kathleen McCullough
Bridget Power
Jake Sticka

3 Comments on “Breaking News: Copley Lawn will not be barricaded tomorrow

  1. Do you only have one picture of Georgetown Day? This is the at least the third time this one has made an appearance, and it’s not even blingeed THE HORROR

  2. Well, props to everyone. Now let’s hope they don’t “compromise” by assiduously checking the pockets/backpacks of every poor soul who walks by Lau, Copley through Red Square, the front gates or any other of the very checkpoint-able choke points heading onto Healy Lawn.

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