Jesuits, students denounce vandalization of Dahlgren Chapel

Student groups and Jesuits on campus have expressed extreme disdain for the events that unfolded yesterday night at Dahlgren Quad. Tuesday night at 10:30pm, the steps of Dahlgren Chapel were found covered with alcohol, open and unopened condom packs, and condoms wrapped around bananas. A few hours later, a DPS officer and several students went to the scene to clean up the mess.

Rev. Patrick D. Rogers, Director of Campus Ministry, and Father Kevin O’Brien, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, were both appalled and disappointed at the reflection these events have on Georgetown’s student body.

“What is so profoundly disappointing to me and to many in our community is that as far as anyone can tell it was Georgetown’s own daughters and sons that did this.  It’s about as childish a stunt as one could imagine.  One would hope that any student bright enough to get into Georgetown would have more respect for themselves,” Rogers said in an email. “What they did was not only incredibly immature, it was disrespectful to all those who hold, teach, or love the Catholic faith.”

Student leaders were equally scornful. GUSA Secretary of Mission and Ministry Laura West (COL ’13) and Undersecretary Jon-Matthew Hopkins (COL ’13) sent a press release earlier today asking for all students to be more respectful to sacred spaces in Georgetown. “To deface it with vandalism is disrespectful and hurtful to those who treasure the beauty and serenity of the Chapel and Quad,” the press release read. “As a community that represents and honors a diverse array of religious and humanist perspectives, we ask that all students demonstrate respect and reverence toward all of our sacred spaces on campus.”

H*yas for Choice, Georgetown’s pro-choice group on campus, denies any connection to last night’s events. “The acts that occurred were not only extremely foolish and distasteful, but completely inappropriate when considering the current battles that the University is waging against contraception. As an organization, we have chosen to only engage with the University in appropriate and effective means. It is disappointing to see a group of young people failing to take an important issue seriously. In the end, we hope that this incident will not negatively affect the progress HFC is attempting to make for the health of the entire student body,” Kelsey Warrick (COL ’14), Vice President of H*yas for Choice, said.

Father O’Brien voiced a hope that the perpetrators will come forward and face any potential consequences. “My hope is that the students responsible will begin to right the wrong by having the courage to own up to their offensive behavior and begin to make amends. In this way, they will display the character that we expect of our students,” he said.

As of now, DPS is investigating the crime and its potential suspects.

Photo: Kirill Makarenko

7 Comments on “Jesuits, students denounce vandalization of Dahlgren Chapel

  1. I”m inclined to agree with a previous poster, that they most likely were going to clean up afterwords, but got spooked by the DPS officer, therefore leaving their stuff behind.

  2. As childish as this was, I don’t think it was any sort of attack on the Catholic Church. Just dumb people, doing dumb stuff, in a dumb place.

  3. We can speculate all day about intentions. All we have to go on is actions. Facts. Those responsible did not clean up. They evaded DPS. They left contraception and alcohol in front of a chapel in the midst of a debate on the very same subject.

    I say, off with their over-developed sense of entitlement! Let their words of regret flow over assigned ten-page essays on respect of sacred places and proper conduct corresponding with the Jesuit identity of Georgetown!

    These actions, malicious or not, must have consequences.

  4. lol people referring to condoms as ‘contraception’ as if they’re controversial

  5. “lol people referring to condoms as ‘contraception’ as if they’re controversial”

    Condoms — a form of contraception — ARE controversial. The Catholic faith is against “any action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act [sexual intercourse], or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible.” As a part of a University with a Catholic identity and a student who follows this belief, this action is extremely offensive. Condoms are controversial because they go against a major teaching of the Catholic Church.

  6. What the hell guys, we all know god’s not real, and there’s no such real thing as a sacred space. If there is any legitimate complaint it is that of littering.

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