Poll: How do you feel about the commencement speakers?

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9 Comments on “Poll: How do you feel about the commencement speakers?

  1. I don’t see an option for “I really don’t care about the other speakers, but I know mine sucks.” Also “Rat’s poop”? Are we five?

  2. @typical, you didn’t know the Vox editor was five years old?

  3. Typical typical.. But let’s stick to the issues, shall we?
    Keep debating the stance of the speakers on abortion, or something.
    I’ll start. Pause the condescension for a bit, as the following reflects my actual viewpoint:
    “Abortion is one of the more serious crimes to have been commited in human history.”
    Now, you respond. See? Staying relevant and on-point is easy! We would not have as many conflicts in this country if we simply followed the model of Fox News and avoided unconstructive rhetoric that has nothing to do with the issues at hand.

  4. I understand that Catholics don’t like to abort babies, but I think the bigger issue is that this statist doesn’t support the right to carry a concealed weapon. I say we all protest by wearing pistols under our robes. Except its concealed so nobody will see the protest. But we’ll know!

  5. Jimmy Fallon replaces Conan, and I can’t even get a gig with Jenny Craig. What’s wrong with this world

  6. Horatio, I think I’ve got a spot for you in the upcoming Coneheads sequal

  7. Wait, are you not fat anymore? We need a fat guy for the role

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