Commencement speakers: a comparison across D.C. universities

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for 2012 graduates. The reaction varied from mostly bored to really angry. The Catholic community continues to boil over Sebelius, but our fellow D.C. schools aren’t as lucky to be handed a controversy.

Last year, Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke at Catholic University, which received criticism from the Catholic community on the grounds that Boehner fails to uphold Catholic teachings. This year, Catholic University gets off the hook by inviting an archbishop, but Georgetown is really in the doghouse. Regardless, the real winners are Howard University’s graduates because they get to stare into John Legend’s dreamy eyes.

More speakers from D.C. Universities after the jump:

  • American University: Associated Press president and CEO Tom Curley will address the School of Communication this Saturday morning. AU’s School of International Service reeled in Dr. Rajiv Shah, administrator for the United States Agency for International Development and  Wayne Clough, secretary for the Smithsonian Institution, will address the College of Arts & Sciences on Sunday.
  • Catholic University: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, will speak to graduates on Saturday and be awarded the President’s Medal at commencement
  • Howard University: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, will speak at Howard’s ceremony, with honorees musician John  Legend, MSNBC host Chris Matthews, and Julieanna L. Richardson, African American oral history expert, among others.

Photo: Georgetown University

2 Comments on “Commencement speakers: a comparison across D.C. universities

  1. “The Catholic community continues to boil over Sebelius…”

    No, it does not. A small minority of conservative Catholics, spearheaded by the professional concern trolls over at CNS, continue to boil over Sebelius, as they boil over anyone who does not meet their ideological standards.

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