Burleith resident puts up fake S.N.A.P. “bus” sign

Last Sunday, a Burleith resident put up the sign pictured to the right in this post on the intersection of 36th and S st. The sign is a notification that a bus service led by the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program has now moved to another stop on Reservoir and 37th Street.

Later that evening, a S.N.A.P. employee confirmed that the sign was in fact not affiliated with the program and immediately went to investigate. He added that the sign presented a potential safety concern for students who may confuse it with the Safe Rides shuttle that escorts students in West Georgetown and Burleith at late hours of the night.

In an email to Vox, Stacy Kerr, Assistant Vice President for Communications, confirmed today that the sign was not put up or authorized by the University. She also echoed a similar sentiment that is troubling all parties involved (except for, apparently, this neighbor): what is a S.N.A.P. “bus”? Well, to our knowledge, it doesn’t exist.

Vox suspects this is where Stan Shunpike picks up passengers of the Knight Bus.  We’ll probably be standing there around midnight, wands in hand, expecting a triple decker, purple public transportation bus to come hurtling at us stranded members of the wizarding community.

Photo: Jake Schindler

6 Comments on “Burleith resident puts up fake S.N.A.P. “bus” sign

  1. Honestly? That’s just disgusting on the part of the resident who did that.

  2. they should make a SNAP bus so you can throw up in there instead of on my lawn

    don’t Georgetown students ever have to study?

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  4. @proud burleither – pics or it didn’t happen

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