Medical marijuana dispensaries approved by three of four ANCs

In the past few weeks, many Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in D.C. voted in favor of placing medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. So far, ANC 2B voted 7-0 in favor of a medical marijuana start-up Herbal Alternatives in West End. ANC 6B approved the Metropolitan Wellness Center’s application for a dispensary in Barracks Row, voting 9-0. ANC 4B voted this past Tuesday 6-2 to approve a dispensary located at 6925 Blair Road NW in Takoma.

However, on the same day that ANC 4B approved a dispensary, ANC 5C voted against an application from Center CityCare to operate one at 1334 N. Capitol Street NW. Six ANCs in 5C voted against the dispensary. The discussion centered on the possibility of increased crime, and the potentially negative effects the dispensary would have on neighboring businesses.

What does this mean for us? Based on the proposal approved by ward 2, a medical dispensary Herbal Alternatives might appear in DuPont. According to the DCist, “if granted licenses, the dispensaries will be able to sell up to two ounces of medical marijuana a month to qualifying patients or their caregivers.” The owner of Herbal Alternatives, Jennifer Brunenkant, submitted a letter of intent which was approved by the DOH last September. The location of the shop will reportedly be between L and M streets on 20th Street, just blocks away from GW and Foggy Bottom.

By the end of this week, the ANCs will submit recommendations to the Department of Health on the four medical dispensaries seeking licenses. The final approval from the DOH will be sent out June 25.

Via DCist

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