Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Oh, Campus Plan, you’re such a tease

Update (5:00 p.m.): Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., on P Street and 36th Street NW, Mayor Vince Gray, President John J. DeGioia, and ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis will make a “major announcement” on the subject of campus plan negotiations, according to an email sent to campus press.

Last night, at the monthly meeting of advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, ANC Chair Ron Lewis announced a request to the Zoning Commission for a one-week extension–from June 11 to June 18–on the filing date of the Georgetown University Campus Plan. By June 18, assuming the groups reach a final agreement, the University, ANC 2E, Citizen’s Association of Georgetown and Burleith Citizen’s Association will conduct a joint filing of the plan. The letter, addressed to the Anthony Hood, Zoning Commission Chair, predicts the real final decision by July 16.

Mayor Vincent Gray left us with high hopes last Wednesday (“We are 95% to getting this solved”) for an official agreement by today’s meeting, but in all fairness, the extension is necessary to gain a recommendation from the Zoning Commission for the joint filing.

University spokesperson Stacy Kerr commented on the meeting’s proceedings in an email to Vox:

We are very encouraged by the progress being made in our discussions … We just asked to move the filing from June 11 to June 18 so that we can hopefully have a deal to recommend to Zoning for our filing, which is great news.  Its definitely not a big deal and not a “delay”.  As Ron said at the meeting, assuming that we continue to make progress, we would work backward from June 18 filing in terms of making announcements and getting the community time to see and give neighborhood groups proper time to evaluate.

In early April, the University and neighbors requested a 60-day extension to recommence campus plan negotiations and, as Lewis put it, “explore the possibility of reaching common ground.”

However, these past couple months indicate that this “possibility” is approaching reality. Kerr described the past two months of negotiations as “extremely positive” with “a very strong commitment from both sides to come to agreement.” The parties decided no reports would be released from the negotiations. “We can have better conversations if they can be conducted as candidly as possible,” Lewis said in early April.

While we all love to hate the extended and frustrating negotiations, the upcoming filing marks a historical change. “This will be the first campus plan that didn’t go to litigation,” Kerr concluded in her email.

5 Comments on “Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Oh, Campus Plan, you’re such a tease

  1. That the students are gonna get hosed on this. I would not be surprised if policies like “Students cannot drink on campus” and “Students can only live off campus if they have had a spotless record and good GPA” would soon exist.

  2. Yeah, you guys are so clearly about to get railroaded. Better get organizing now.

    -Thankfully graduated 2012 alum

  3. New south student center looks like an appealing target for the neighborhood. Renovate a dorm and put in a pub, or renovate a dorm and put in more rooms? This has the university caving written all over it.

  4. When has the university ever taken a strong stand for the students? Assume the position…

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