Contest: Rename the Career Education Center

In light of the newly-renamed career centerVox is now initiating a new contest. Get pumped.

Here’s the deal: just recently, the Career Education Center was renamed in honor of GU alumnus Charles M. Cawley.  If you had the chance, what would you rename the career center?

For example, “The Cawley Why-Am-I-An-English-Major Career Center,” or anything else that makes you think of your experiences at that lovely chamber of unfulfilled dreams and face-palm reality. Prize yet to be determined.

We’ll be checking for submissions. Then we’ll hold a vote in a week for the best career center names, as per Vox tradition. Keep ’em coming!

Photo: Georgetown University

5 Comments on “Contest: Rename the Career Education Center

  1. Cawley “Why the hell did I choose to have my name associated with the” Career Center

  2. The “Here’s My CV, So Cawley Maybe” Career Center

  3. The Cawley Center for the abandonment of all hope.

  4. The Cawley “Only Worth It If You’re In MSB” Center

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