Here’s to a future of more negotiations: Georgetown Community Partnership

Two years and a few months later, Georgetown and neighborhood leaders concluded the long drawn out battle over the Campus Plan 2010. After yesterday’s announcement that the negotiating parties had reached an agreement, President John J.¬†DeGioia, Mayor Vincent Gray, and ANC 2E Chair Ron Lewis joined hands in celebration of the moment-we’ve-all-been-hoping-would-come-but-didn’t and now we still don’t know what the future will hold. Lewis said at the event that the details on the agreement will be released some time today.

Although details on the results of the campus plan are still unknown, both parties expressed a very positive outlook on the agreement and are confident that the new platform for negotiations will be productive.

Yesterday, Lewis outlined the goals of the future negotiations into short and long-term objectives. In the short term, the aim is to move on campus behavior out of the streets of Burleith and surrounding areas. Long term goals are to¬†acknowledge “geographical limitations” Georgetown’s campus has and the recognize the need for a satellite campus.

The new Georgetown Community Partnership is…well, we’re still working on figuring out what it is. But yesterday DeGioia said it will be the new “framework” for future negotiations on the campus plan agreement. Cheers!

Photo: Georgetown University

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  1. One of those three is headed to prison soon. Hopefully the other two will join him.

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