Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

Earlier this week we ran a pretty lame but kind of funny contest asking you all what you would rename the Career Center. After receiving some minimal responses (come on guys, let’s see some creativity), we’ve decided to scrap the vote and, by default, give the award to Carly for “The ‘Here’s my CV, So Cawley Maybe.'” I mean, really, the other submissions didn’t stand a chance.

So let’s try something different. With the Georgetown community all abuzz on the Campus Plan shenanigans from this week, we’d like to present a poll. Sure, there were some significant gains for students in the recently proposed conditions. FromĀ the list we put together yesterday, what do you think sucked the most?

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8 Comments on “Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

  1. Got to say I always wished they’d have some housing in the Leavey Center, though having our own hotel will be a unfortunate. Still, the suckiest thing is not letting off campus students bring cars. Do residents understand how inaccessible via public transit this place is?

  2. Hey wait, what did I win?! I presume you know how to get in touch with me…

  3. @Patrick Good point. I should have added that to the poll.

    @Carly Prize is an honorary mention in the weekly Tweetacular. Unless you happen to be in DC, in which case we can offer you a ticket to an upcoming movie screening!

  4. District law already makes it impossible for students to get RPP in Georgetown, essentially banning students from having cars.

    Fortunately, this law is hard to enforce and plenty of students bring cars to campus anyway. The fact that it is now a Student Code of Conduct issue won’t make it easier to enforce.

  5. My difficult life will become more difficult

    I can’t show off the car my dad bought me to all my trust fund friends at a $50,000/year university safely far away from the terror of SE DC

    Woe is me

  6. Stop sucking so much! Honestly you must be a troll because with hypocrisy and ignorance like that I’d pray you’re not in a position to afford the neighborhood.

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  8. @Patrick

    Small correction – DC law does not forbid students from getting RPPs. It forbids students from getting reciprocity stickers for out-of-state cars, which most everyone else can get. However, if a student did want to go through the process of changing their title, registration, residency, and drivers license’s over to DC, they would be able to get a Zone 2 RPP. No one ever does this, though – not that I’ve heard of anyway – the main reason being that most students’ cars are not in their names, and changing the title ownership over to them would cause issues with insurance and so on. It’s too much of a hassle when you’re only going to be at an address for 8 or so months.

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