Sims works out for Wizards as former Hoyas prepare for NBA Draft

Georgetown’s Class of 2012 certainly has a few unemployed grads – count Henry Sims and Jason Clark among them. Unlike their classmates, however, that situation could change in a big way during next Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Since the Hoyas’ season concluded, Clark, Sims, and the early-departing junior Hollis Thompson (he doesn’t get to play on a boat now) have been working out and showcasing their talents for NBA teams, hoping to get picked up in the draft.

Sims – following Clark and Thompson before him – worked out with the Washington Wizards on familiar turf at the Verizon Center today. According to the center, it was approximately his thirteenth workout for a team, with three or four remaining.

“It’d be like coming back home,” Sims said of the possibility of playing for the Wizards. “The rims haven’t changed, I don’t think. It would definitely be nice.”

After his workout, Clark was similarly excited, but admitted to feeling out of place at the Phonebooth: “It’s kind of weird coming into this arena and not having on that Georgetown jersey.”

Both Thompson and Sims are projected to go in the second round by most experts, with both receiving periodic praise from the draft experts. ESPN’s Chad Ford said Thompson could sneak into the first round after watching one of his workouts last month, while his colleague John Hollinger called Sims a potential “second-round steal.” All three players value this time to fully showcase their abilities (like Sims’ monstrous dunk versus UConn, pictured above), especially according to the big man.

“A lot of people saw the Princeton offense. They thought it was just the offense that I was able to do that,” Sims noted. “But I can make plays. I can put the ball on the floor outside the offense. I can do a lot of things our offense didn’t allow.”

To be fair, the offense did highlight Sims’ basketball IQ and all three players have been touted for their progress on the defensive end. Clark, despite his role as the Hoyas’ leader this past season, has been overlooked to a degree, not even garnering an invitation to this year’s draft combine. But the teams that have worked him out (aside from the Wizards), have been veteran teams like San Antonio, Miami, and Chicago.

In all, the three players are just ready for the process to be over. Though they are technically competing for a spot in the draft, the former Hoyas help each other in whatever way they can.

“We talk almost every day,” Clark said. “We tell each other to basically go out there and do what we’ve been doing all our years at Georgetown.”

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