Former Hoya sex columnist, Julia Allison, stars in Bravo’s Miss Advised

From Bradley Cooper’s chiseled physique to Bill Clinton’s infamous intern activities, Georgetown alumni certainly have a reputation for sex. Enter Julia Allison (COL ’04). Sexy and smart, this blogger, former Time Out New York columnist, and all-around media personality is now starring in Bravo’s new reality show, Miss Advised.

After several years working as a blogger and political pundit, Allison finally wiggled her way into the public eye after dating Jack McCain, 2008 Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain’s son. Despite the brouhaha of the failed political relationship and her growing star as a relationship pundit, Allison’s stardom and expertise on all things intimate arose from beginnings as Georgetown’s first dating and relationship (a.k.a. sex) columnist for The Hoya.

In an interview with Vox back in 2009, Allison spoke candidly about the cultural barriers she faced breaching the topic of sex at a school as conservative as Georgetown. Building on her experiences working with the Cosmopolitan and The Hoya, Allison is going the way of the Kindle and moving away from print, voyaging into uncharted  territory with a new reality TV series.

In Miss Advised a self-proclaimed bay-area sexpert (Emily Morse), an entrepreneurial NYC matchmaker (Amy Laurent), and a dating/relationship writer and LA transplant (Julia Allison) have the roles reversed, as America gets the chance to scrutinize the dating lives of three smart, successful women hopelessly searching for love themselves. Inherently sabotaging the experts’ “credentials,” Miss Advised is an honest admission and a reassurance that even after spending years of your life studying relationships, these women still don’t have a clue.

Lacking in Bravo’s signature tropes of bourgeois flamboyancy and the premenopausal self-indulgence of the one percent, Miss Advised is actually more of a departure from Bravo’s programming norm than a rehashing of old (excuse me, vintage) material. In the first episode Morse struggles to reconcile her sexual liberty with her long-term desire to settle down. Allison is honest and surprisingly sincere, spouting out rehearsed one-liners in a way that the untrained Bravo-eye would not.

Sadly, Miss Advised is just not that great. These women are not outlandish, ultra-rich, or entertaining on-screen. The show feels disjointed, whipping the viewer from across the country from one forced “plotline” to the next. Allison, though having her moments with witty quips (i.e. suggesting that “the perfect dress for a first date is one that says to a guy, ‘You can take me home to your mom and I might give you a blowjob on the way there’”) isn’t an engaging character . Her calm demeanor and thoughtful articulation belies the quirky blogger and political science major within and is altogether unsuitable for a reality TV star. By stripping away the glitz and the glamor, Miss Advised’s producers have allowed viewers to really focus in on the show’s substance, which is boring. It premiered to poor ratings, particularly for the coveted under-30 crowd.

If you want to cheer on this Hoya in her dating escapades, the second episode of Miss Advised airs tonight on Bravo at 10 p.m.. Let me know how it is, I’ll be busy watching The Bachelorette on DVR.

Photo: Wired Magazine, Issue 16.08

(Assistant) Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post attributed Miss Advised to HBO instead of Bravo. It was an error on the part of an editor. Typos have been corrected.

15 Comments on “Former Hoya sex columnist, Julia Allison, stars in Bravo’s Miss Advised

  1. Stop paying attention to Julia please. She’s not worthy and an embarrassment to GU.

  2. Also, might want to fix the double HBO typo.

  3. Might want to fix all those typos. Doesn’t lend much weight to a Georgetown education…

    Last sentence, fifth paragraph: “Laurent Allison is honest and surprisingly sincere, spouting out rehearsed one-liners in a way that the untrained Bravo-eye would not.” Who is Laurent Allison? State school isn’t looking so bad right now.

  4. That’s what they teach us at Georgetown: spelling.

  5. uh…who is the lauren allison? i guess they don’t teach spelling OR fact-checking at georgetown.

  6. “Lauren/Laurent Allison” has been edited since comments were posted–I just figured she was a character from Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. While we’re editing: “surprisingly sincere, spouting out rehearsed one-liners…” do you mean ‘insincere?’

    This is much better than any of Julia Baugher’s columns, IMHO.

  7. How can one be “surprisingly sincere” while spouting “rehearsed one liners”???

  8. Did the budding journalist behind this poorly written puff piece actually do any research on his subject? If s/he had, I doubt we’d be reading such goofy, gushy prose. The culturally illiterate Allison, nee Baugher, was a Georgetown joke back in the day, with a narcissistic personality disorder and a sense of entitlement that were off the charts. Many of us remember that restraining order filed against her by another student. Hoffman would have gotten an earful if interviewing former students or professors or administrators before churning out this dreck.

  9. Sexy and smart? Are we talking about the same Julia Alison?! Have you ever seen her in person? She looks like a dude. Not attractive. At all.

  10. Julie Baugher was her Georgetown name, before fame and endless references on Gawker begat Julia Allison.

  11. Thank you Keaton – I actually enjoyed this review. :-) Thank you! (Although stick around for the next few episodes and see if you don’t change your mind about my so-called “calm demeanor.”)

    Seriously, though, Georgetown is what started this dating columnist nonsense. If I were ultra-rich I would endow some sort of chair covered in condoms, but … neither journalism nor reality tv pays that well. Sigh.

  12. PS. I love how one of the comments is how “many of us remember that restraining order filed against her by another student.” LOLLLLL You mean how my boyfriend’s sister punched me in the face and I went to the psych ward I was so distraught!??! Yep, the dean told (both of) us to stay 100 feet from one another after that.

    I was upset at the time, but I have to admit, I’ve rather enjoyed retelling that story in the years since. It IS pretty funny. Oh, Georgetown memories.

  13. yes,I’ve rather enjoyed retelling that story in the years since.

  14. “These women are not outlandish, ultra-rich, or entertaining on-screen.” Seriously? Aren’t there enough “Real Housewives” shows already? I am quite entertained by “Miss Advised”. Thankfully, I can’t relate to any of the “Real Housewives” shows. But as a dating coach, I can totally relate to what I see these women doing to guys on “Miss Advised”. Granted, I’m a guy coaching other guys… but these types of women are real… and they go on dates every day. My guys see them! When Julia “used” the poor betamale to help her move her boxes… my guys all groaned because they’ve all been there… once anyway. One woman in CO dated a betamale who owned a landscaping company just long enough to have him send a crew to do her landscaping… for free. It only took 2 dates! Then dumped him! Guys need to be watching this show and learning what not to do! Watching for the warning signs, etc. And this show is packed with them! SO for my money, this is a GREAT show!

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