Comments of the Week: Endless GUTS bus rides and sexy reality stars

Campus news has been slow these past few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped commenters from finding something to be angry about. Since our last comments of the week, Vox reported on the extended GUTS bus route and let you know how a Georgetown alumna was doing. Here is the finest of what showed up in the comments section.

In response to the possible rerouting of GUTS buses, d00$h had this suggestion:

maybe we could just have the guts bus drive to dulles, then everyone gets on a plane which flies to Reagan, making sure not to pass over Georgetown of course, and then from there we can take the metro to dupont or wherever.

Some of the responses were slightly angrier. This, by Broya Saxa:

If I ever grow up to be like these neighbors, any and all of you can slap me in the face and tell me to grow a pair. Seriously this is the stupidest shit I have ever heard. If neighbors can’t deal with a bus driving by their house or college kids having fun, then they need move out to the middle of the forest somewhere where they can live and die alone and no one needs to deal with their ugly ass. This is America, and no one will ever be able to take my right away to shotgun a Natty, yell “FUCK YEAH” at the top of my lungs, and slam it to the ground.

Conspiracy!, I believe it.

OR, they don’t want the buses in order to force more people to drive to the neighborhood to get to work on campus. That way, they can charge even more to rent out their parking spots….

Later in the week, Vox got some flack over covering Julia Allison‘s new reality television now, Miss Advised on Bravo. In response to all the haters, Julia Allison herself fired back (and it’s worth noting that, as far as I can tell, the comments are authentically hers).

Thank you Keaton – I actually enjoyed this review. :-) Thank you! (Although stick around for the next few episodes and see if you don’t change your mind about my so-called “calm demeanor.”)

Seriously, though, Georgetown is what started this dating columnist nonsense. If I were ultra-rich I would endow some sort of chair covered in condoms, but … neither journalism nor reality tv pays that well. Sigh.

PS. I love how one of the comments is how “many of us remember that restraining order filed against her by another student.” LOLLLLL You mean how my boyfriend’s sister punched me in the face and I went to the psych ward I was so distraught!??! Yep, the dean told (both of) us to stay 100 feet from one another after that.

I was upset at the time, but I have to admit, I’ve rather enjoyed retelling that story in the years since. It IS pretty funny. Oh, Georgetown memories.

For the record, all of us here at Vox still regard Allison as sexy and smart.

Later in the week, Vox set off a debate about the nature of sexual assault reporting on the news that the Late Rev. Robert Drinan allegedly sexually assaulted the now distinguished journalist Emily Yoffe. Once statements like “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent” started being thrown around, @#mostwanted wanted to have none of it.

Whereof one sounds like he’s not in the position to make judgments about another person’s sexual assault account, thereof one must do us all a favor and give it a rest.

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Endless GUTS bus rides and sexy reality stars

  1. Julia is neither sexy nor smart. The only thing she is is an embarrassment to this university.

  2. Vox Populi is also an embarrassment to Georgetown if they find getting sent to a psych ward–just the tip of the Julia Allison repugnant behavior iceberg–is smart and sexy. A culturally illiterate fameball seeking fame for fame’s sake, with no marketable skills and who hasn’t worked a real job a day in her life is no one who needs to be associated with this university. Do your homework. Talk to the dean.

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