Prefrosh Preview: Vox‘s 2012 campus map

From now until the end of NSO, Vox’s series of prefrosh previews will be in full swing, so check back regularly, freshmen, for advice on transitioning to Georgetown.

As evidenced by Georgetown’s recent establishment of a satellite campus, space is at a premium at 37th and O Street, though that hasn’t stopped the University from dutifully utilizing every acre the school sits upon. As current students will attest, giving directions to anywhere on the main campus is exceedingly difficult, so we hope this map helps you in your first few weeks in understanding where everything is.

In addition to locations, this map contains both photos and a little of Vox’s own commentary in each entry. Click the link below the map to get a better view.

View Vox Populi 2012 Campus Map in a larger map
And thanks to Juliana Brint and Chris Heller for previous versions of this post.

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