Twuesday Tweetacular: Sorrows of a young MSBro

This MSBro offers valuable advice on surviving life in the MSB. However, he makes the mistake of assuming students in the MSB actually have real problems.

Some say that when Conor Rogers‘ question is answered, the world ends. Others simply roll their eyes, push their abnormally large glasses up on their nose, and proceed to change the midi file on their Myspace page.

Georgetown Hot Mess unequivocally proves that the previous cray ceiling of 42 has heretofore been grossly underestimated. We must all vote to raise the cray ceiling before we default on our cray tolerance.

After Kathryn Berg‘s worrying confession, Vox scoured the masthead for evidence of such tragic nomenclature. Luckily, only three affronts were found; these will soon be amended.

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