Attempted robbery at Georgetown M&T Bank, FBI and police investigating

photo (16)Earlier this morning, an attempted robbery took place at the M&T Bank on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. Metropolitan Police officers and the FBI are investigating this robbery alongside last week’s attempted Bank of America break-in, according to the Georgetown Patch.

Araz Alali, Metropolitan Police spokesperson, reported a burglary at 1420 Wisconsin Ave., NW, to the Patch. The police reported that a bank alarm was activated early Friday morning, and the Metropolitan Police arrived on the scene at about 2:00 a.m., at which point the suspect had already vacated the scene. Alali also mentioned the burglary was at an ATM machine in the bank.

The Connecticut Avenue Bank of America robbery, which officials believe may be related to today’s robbery, allegedly caused “significant structural damage,” according to an FBI release.

Photo of caution tape in front of M&T Bank by Rachel Calvert

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