Vox‘s Voting Guide: GUSA Candidates from Henle Village

Vox features here the candidate from Henle Village: Ben Weiss.


GUSA senatorial candidate Benjamin Weiss (COL ’15) is running for one reason: to “make things better.”

Weiss is the sole candidate running in the Henle Village district, which has two open spots for senator. As the first freshman to win an at-large senate seat last year, he is not new to GUSA. “I was part of several great initiatives to improve student life,” he said.

Weiss was the only freshman representative on Committee on District Reconciliation, where he helped to “create the fairest and most competitive GUSA elections ever.”

Weiss also created the GUSA Election Financial Assistance Fund. According to Weiss, this is “the first financial aid system that allows all Hoyas to run for GUSA Senate.”

Weiss’ other prior accomplishments include creating the Harbin Patio Equipment Rental Program, which will debut this October. This is “a free game rentals program on one of the most under-utilized spaces on campus,” according to Weiss.
Weiss also instituted a stricter attendance policy for GUSA senators, ensuring that “all representatives are held accountable to the students they were elected to represent” and Initiated the “clear and convincing” student code of conduct change discussion on Hoya Roundtables.
This year, Weiss’ first priority if elected is to “finish our fight to make ‘clear and convincing’ the new standard of evidence in the Student Code of Conduct.”
Weiss believes that his experience, determination, and enthusiasm distinguish him from other GUSA candidates. I wrote and passed more bills than any other freshman senator last year,” he said. “And I will continue to fight to improve student life at this school we all love.”

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