Vox‘s Voting Guide: Candidates for Harbin and Darnall Halls

And the last of the GUSA candidates roundup! The Harbin and Darnall Halls will select three senators. Eighteen senators are running. Vox provides here the seven candidates here, with a second post to come on the last bunch.

picture 1Will Simons

Simons, an intended Government major in the College, hails from New York. When asked why he wants to be a senator in GUSA, he explained “I am running to increase transparency and student activism within the student government.”

He believes that the referendum on student code of conduct happening this week is an extremely vital issue. He said that “as long as we pass that referendum, we need to press the administration.”

In addition, Will thinks that there should be more opportunities for students throughout the Georgetown community. He is a candidate “open to any ideas.”He explained: “I also believe that I am the only one dedicated to increasing student activism and participation in government.”

Mariel Jorgensen (COL ’16)

When asked why she is running for GUSA, Mariel Jorgensen said, “I am interested in having a leadership role in the campus community and I want to be able to influence social life, academic life, and extracurricular life and how they interact.”

Jorgensen hopes to be a Government major in the College. She believes that the biggest issue is gaining better resources for clubs as well as introducing more networking between clubs. She explained that “the opportunities will be greater if there is more interaction between clubs, and I think that GUSA can facilitate that.”

She believes her sense of humor is what distinguishes her from the other candidates in the race. She also believes in a commitment to getting input from people, and wants “direct involvement with classmates.” She desires to bring their ideas to the table and work on a better community for all of Georgetown University.

Faher Elfayez (COL ’16)

“I really feel like I could represent both Harbin and Darnell very well because I understand how it feels to be away from home coming from Jordan.” Those are the words of Faher Elfayez, a freshman with a Government major in the College.

Elfayez emphasized the importance of having clean bathrooms, especially on weekends. She believes that it is absolutely necessary for the bathrooms in dorms to be washed frequently, unlike they are at the moment.

Concerning the other candidates, Elfayez said, “I’m not going to lie and say that I am the best candidate because I know that everyone running has something to offer to GUSA and to both Harbin and Darnall. But I feel like every candidate is unique in their own way and I am the type of person who likes to talk to people and start conversations.”

Faher wishes all candidates best of luck in the senate race, and hopes that she will be able to represent her fellow classmates from Harbin and Darnell.

Daniel WatsonDanny Watson (SFS ’16)

Watson is a freshman living in Harbin and majoring in International Political Economy. He aims to bring some creativity and novel ideas to the Senate. His campaign slogan, “Yes We Dan,” and his witty, jovial posters show that Watson has the imaginative capacity to back his claim.

Watson introduced some outside-the-box ideas he would bring to the Senate’s attention, like “2-way food buffets in Leo’s,” “later quiet hours,” and his big campaign platform to “move Darnall closer.”

When asked to elaborate, Watson hinted at the idea of using an innovative transportation system but the exact details remain confidential. Watson was accompanied by his campaign manager, and both gave the impression that they were very enthusiastic and determined to use their two-heads-are-better-than-one approach to brainstorm revolutionary ideas which Watson could use to campaign.

As a note of interest to his future supporters, Watson is more than willing to take out any and all of his constituents to get ice cream and talk about anything, political or otherwise. Watson’s unorthodox approach and mindset highlight the creativity he is capable of bringing to GUSA Senate.

Emma Iannini 

International Politics major in the School of Foreign Service, Emma Iannini truly emphasized the importance of fixing Leo’s. Her first goal if elected would be “to put pressure on the University and the officials of Aramark.”

She wants more options back in the cafeteria, and believes that there are many issues that need to be fixed in Leo’s such as the long lines. She has a clear plan for the food services at Georgetown which includes bringing down the swipe price at Leo’s.  When asked about what makes her different from the other candidates, she said that she has “a lot of concrete ideas” and is informed of everything that is happening on campus and in the area.

She also discussed that there needs be changes made to the IT services on campus, telling that all of these separate services need to be centralized. Emma hopes to make changes at Georgetown for the betterment of the whole community, and has a plan to do so.

Billy Bowers (COL ’16)

Bowers is a freshman living in Harbin and majoring in government. He is determined to bring the positive back through his campaign. He is striving to be a candidate focused on garnering support by appealing to the masses differently than his competitors.

Bowers is wholesomely committed to the “good of the school,” as he feels while the other candidates “run their platforms on the problems of the university,” he will be zeroing his attention on the good things that can be created by the GUSA Senate.

When asked if he could put his entire campaign strategy into one phrase, Bowers stated that voting for him would bring a “Focus on the Positive” to GUSA.

Bowers seeks to improve communications between various student representatives (e.g. club leaders) and the GUSA Senate by setting up a board. He hopes this board will make it possible for these student leaders to voice their concerns and desires to the GUSA Senators through a more direct means.

When confronted about the problems with Leo’s that many of his competitors are adamantly focused on, Bowers simply stated that he believes there are some “contractual complexities which we cannot change.” However, he is in full support of changing the current meal plan status, calling for a rollover of unused meals, a change that is sure to gain the admiration of the student body.

pictureConnor O’Dwyer (COL ’16)

O’Dwyer is a freshman living in Harbin and majoring in government. He encourages anyone with questions or concerns to contact him by e-mail at cmo48@georgetown.edu or to visit anytime at Harbin 808.

His first priority goes to his commitment to GUSA and his constituents; he has made it a point that he wishes to be as available as possible to the student body. If elected, he is determined to be approachable and involved, proposing to take after professors and create “office hours,” times during which he will be open to any visitors to talk about GUSA and anything else students wish to ask of him.

His campaign is grounded on the idea that “Many Brains are Better than One,” and so he is calling on the student body to take an active role in Georgetown affairs. He promises the idea of putting ideas into action: he will be the bridge from students’ proposals to tangible benefits to the Georgetown community.

O’Dwyer is focused on improving student advocacy, that is to be more involved in helping those students who are facing disciplinary action and/or reprimand. O’Dwyer also seeks to influence the academic aspect of the university, working in tandem with the Academic Council to make students’ academic lives as “easy and fruitful as possible.” O’Dwyer also stresses that GUSA would be his number one priority, and if elected he will devote the majority of his effort to the Senate.

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