Vox‘s Voting Guide: Candidates for Copley Hall

Here we present the candidates for Copley. This district will have a single senate spot. Three students are running.

Heather Artinian


Heather Artinian (COL ‘15) is a government major with an intended minor in Justice and Peace Studies. She writes that she’s running for Copley Hall’s seat “because I truly believe that students  are important and that our voices should be heard by the administration.”

Artinian says her affiliations with a variety of campus activities and groups gives her a unique perspective as a candidate. “I think that my experiences distinguish me from other candidates,” she wrote in an email. “I am currently a part of club basketball, intramurals, and various volunteering activities so I feel that I have a better understanding of what goes on campus.”

Perhaps because of her range of interests, Artinian was hesitant to identify a sole top priority. “I think there are a lot of issues: Leo’s, Zipcars, transportation,” she wrote, “but I think that the clear and convincing standard would be first on my list because, the upgrade would impact all of us in a tremendously positive way. “

Although this would be her first term in GUSA, Artinian points to success before her college career as proof she can get the job done. “When I was in high school I led a successful referendum/petition to bring back some of the programs and teachers cut due to budget constraints. I feel that I have experience with administrators.”

Elizabeth Oh

Elizabeth Oh (SFS ‘15) is an international politics major. She’s running for GUSA because she “would like to advocate for a safer and greener campus, and also redesign the bureaucratic procedures that our student organizations go through when enlivening campus life.”

Oh lists safety concerns as her top priority this election. “Our campus gets pretty dark at night, and our dim, yellowish lights do not enable us to recognize someone two feet away from us in Red Square, for example,” she wrote in an email to Vox. “It would be awesome if we could install brighter, whiter lights. Also, starting a conversation with DPS and SafeRides so that their priority is to eagerly escort students home, especially if it is late at night.”

Oh thinks her ability to spark dialogue and cooperation between different groups sets her apart from other candidates. “I think that it is vital to start a conversation and have many diverse voices represented,” she wrote. “Especially because our student body is diverse and our students have unique interests, it is important to get many different aspects on the table when trying to flesh out solutions to problems. For instance, many students will agree and say that Leo’s terrible, and it’s a good idea to have a diverse group of students participate in brainstorming ways we can make Leo’s better. But also, we have to also consider the situations of our union workers, the company itself, etc., so I really hope that I can represent a diverse student body, but also work with all those involved in order to design effective solutions to problems on campus.”

Daniel Silkman did not respond to requests for comment.

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