Vox‘s Voting Guide: Harbin and Darnall Candidates, Cont.

The last of Darnall and Harbin candidates for GUSA. Thank you for your time, voters, and we hope you find this guide helpful.

gusaTimothy Rosenberger (COL ’16)

Rosenberger has a clear idea of that he wants to bring to the table – “Money, Cars and Food.” While improving the standard of food at Leo’s is an aim, his first priority is to improve Georgetown’s endowment by getting more members of the alumni involved in giving back to the school, and thus improve Georgetown’s college ranking.

“The first step needs to be that GUSA notices this issue at all, we need to show alumni that students care, that students are involved in this issue, and show the administration at Georgetown that students are willing to put forth an effort,” he said.

If elected, he hopes to form a committee within GUSA to look at improving Georgetown’s endowment. Tim emphasizes that improving Georgetown’s endowment is more than just increasing the dollar amount as college rankings are graded on participation. “I understand how to get alumni and past participants in various organizations involved in giving back.”

He believes he understands what it takes to get a successful endowment, and that his financial experience in running annual funds for smaller non-profits will benefit the student body if he is elected to GUSA. Rosenberger also hopes to make zip cars available to all on campus, a task that his fellow Darnall residents are sure to be grateful for if accomplished.

Ricardo Dira (COL ’16)

“I feel like I can help make Georgetown a better place for everyone,” Dira said. He believes that GUSA has clear jurisdiction over student affairs and activities. “I want to be there to make sure that the students’ best interests are represented.”

If elected, Dira hopes to improve the student activities both on and off campus. A common aim among all candidates seems to be to fix Leo’s, but his specific aim is to ensure there are paper towels in all the common bathrooms. Dira is a team player. “If someone has an idea, I’m willing to listen. I don’t have to take credit for everything; I am willing to work with other people’s ideas to help make them happen.”

As a big advocate of teamwork, he is very willing to listen, work with other people, and prides himself on being easy to talk to and an approachable person. Dira hopes that you all will give him the opportunity to help improve your experience here on the Hilltop.

Matthew Fried (COL ’16)

“I’m not trying to promise anything that I can’t deliver,” Fried said. He believes his reasonable promises are what differentiate him from the many other candidates who are running. Fried is very honest in his endeavors.

“A lot of people are promising ‘We’re going to increase the endowment’ and it’s like ‘No you’re not.’” Citing the poor standard of Leo’s as the biggest problem on campus, Fried promises to use the channels of communication that would be made open to him if he were elected to GUSA to try and address this problem to the best of his ability.

He also hopes to make our campus more presentable, he states: “No more fences.” Fried has a real frustration with the fences next to the construction site and next to the football field and believes they damage the aesthetic pleasure of Georgetown. Furthermore, Fried promises to “try to represent the freshman class and the student body as best as I can.”

Despite being a late runner in terms of campaigning, Fried said: “I’m really personable. I’m probably going to go knock on doors and be that annoying guy.” He will campaign till the very end; Fried emphasizes that he is always more than happy to speak to anyone with any concerns or questions and hopes that his efforts will win him a seat on GUSA.

Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16)

Wahal believes she has the vision, capability and experience necessary to be a great leader and to do a great job as a representative not just of Darnall and Harbin, but also of her entire year. “I think that I’m very genuine in what I want out of this. I just really think I could do a good job in representing our class as a whole and coming up with new, innovative ideas. Because I enjoy being creative, I enjoy working with people, communicating with people and enjoy getting to know a lot of people.”

If elected, her priority is to find a more efficient way to get campus news across; she suggests a school wide email or e-calendar where people can check to see what’s going on instead of “millions of flyers.” She is also realistic in her promises; although she recognizes that Leo’s is a big problem, she states: “I know everybody’s goal is to get stuff done at Leo’s but it’s important for everyone to understand that we don’t necessarily have that power… (GUSA) has more to do with student’s rights and student’s associations.”

Wahal is clear and honest about what she strives to achieve and hopes to win your vote this coming Thursday.

Amin Gharad (COL ’16)

Gharad, a freshman in the College, is interested in both Arabic and cognitive neuroscience. He is running for GUSA because he believes he can change Georgetown for the better.

“From the standpoint of trying to get involved and engaged on campus as a freshman who’s very new to the community and from the different organizations that I’ve explored on campus, GUSA seems to be probably the best way that a freshman can get involved in a direct way and effect certain changes that they feel passionate about, whether it be working on a personal project or serving their community at large.”

For Gharad, these issues include the lack of kosher food options at Leo’s and on campus, as well as the poor bathroom and shower facilities in Darnall and Harbin. If elected, not only will he strive to make the living situation more comfortable for students, he will also strive to improve the food situation at Leo’s.

He states: “I have a personal, vested interest in ensuring kosher food options are available to the sizeable Muslim and Jewish community at Georgetown.” Moreover, Gharad believes he has the skills to work effectively with the administration. “I have experience in working at a large scale, at an executive level.” Gharad is a former two-term President of the Muslim Youth of North America, and has always been involved in working with the school administration in high school. He hopes that students will share his broad vision and support him at the upcoming GUSA elections.

Eddie Bae (NHS ’16)

“You know, a lot of people say that in your first semester you’re supposed to have a high GPA… but I also really want to get involved during my first semester at Georgetown,” Eddie Bae, a freshman in the NHS hoping to major in Health Care Management and Policy, said. Bae thinks that representing these freshman dorms in GUSA would be the perfect venue to channel his energies at Georgetown.

“I did student government all four years so I thought [GUSA would be] perfect.” Bae is ready to address many problems once in office. The issue he sees as most relevant to the entire campus is pest control. “Seeing a dead rat on the side of the road is not pleasant. A lot of the female and even the male population dislike that.”

He continued to hone in on issues facing the dorms he would represent – for example, access to Leos in the winter. “The meal plans are a problem. What are we going to do during the winter? I’m from the area so I know how bad it gets.” Bae suggested adding meal plan options to Epicurean to save his constituents cold, snowy walks. Bae further recommended changes to Leos like providing more plates and cutlery and improving efficiency. “I’m approachable. I’ll listen to everybody,” says Bae, who hopes he is elected because of his dedication and availability to the Darnall/Harbin community.

Meaghan McLean (COL ’16)

When she’s not winning ultimate Frisbee matches for the club team, freshman Meaghan McLean is dedicated to “making peoples lives better” through government. “Student government and student council have been something I’ve been really involved in. In high school I was the president of student council,” McLean said.

She attributes this passion to the feeling she gets from “making changes to accommodate people, to making people feel better in their environment.” McLean hopes to be a government major and wants to do what she can “to make peoples lives better, whether through governing or just chatting.”

If elected to GUSA senate, McLean hopes to address issues she’s experienced as a member of the club Frisbee team. “The university doesn’t pay much attention to club sports. We recently went on a tournament and I had to sleep on the floor of one of the three or so hotel rooms we had for a twenty person team.”

McLean also hopes to improve the “efficiency and selection at Leos.” She adds, “Grab N’ Go is not the best.” McLean says that being a “people person” is her greatest attribute. McLean knows that as a freshman, she is a GUSA rookie. “ I can’t promise specific things because I’m new here but I promise that what we do do I’ll work hard. I’ll work to make it… as good as it can be.” Ultimately, Mclean strives to make her potential constituents happy. She ends with a smile, saying, “Don’t be dirty, vote McLean!”

Alex Tendler (MSB ’16)

A probable finance major in the McDonough School of Business, Darnall resident Alex Tendler is hopeful to represent Darnall and Harbin in GUSA this year. “I am running because I want to improve the school and help other students enjoy their time at Georgetown better,” Tendler said.

Knocking on doors in Darnall and Harbin, Tendler emphasized his first priorty if elected: “Changing the meal plans and fixing Leos… If I were elected into GUSA I would have the resources and be able to talk to the people who make the financial decisions.” In particular, Tendler believes that the structure of the meal plan needs to be altered; he believes that there should be an option between 24 and 14 meals per week available.

As a finance major, Tendler believes his business focus makes him unique from the other candidates. However, he most emphasizes his interest in the opinions of other students. “I like to take advice from all the people regardless of what it is. I don’t like to be pushy of put my idea above someone else’s. If more people agree with someone else, I’ll compromise and go with what they want to do.” Tendler can’t wait to bring his varied experiences and financial savvy to the GUSA senate.


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