GUSA election results: Meet your representatives

gusaThe results are in from this year’s GUSA senate election. The election and referendum saw the largest student voter turnout in recent history, as well as a large number of candidates in some districts.

  • Representing Village A are  Nate Tisa and Lawrence Slusky.
  • The senator from LXR is Zach Singer.
  • Copley ‘s senator is Elizabeth Oh.
  • Of the 18 students who ran for Darnall and Harbin’s three seats, Billy Bowers, Shweta Wahal, and Tim Rosenberger won.
  • Representing the Southwest Quad are Sam Greco, Nolan DiConti, and Jemm Della Cruz.
  • The sole representative from Henle Village is Ben Weiss. Henle’s other seat remains unoccupied.
  • Representing students campus wide, GUSA’s at-large senators are George Spyropoulos, Nick Fedyk, Shavonnia Corbin Johnson, and Cannon Warren.
  • Pat Spanuolo, Sam Buckley, Aziz Saqr, Ben Mishkin, and Tiffany Hsueh will represent students living off-campus.

5 Comments on “GUSA election results: Meet your representatives

  1. Sheila, tell your pals not to piss in the bushes or barf in the street and no I don’t care how wasted you are at 3 am so STFU and go to bed. Act like an adult and get treated like an adult. FU and pay the price.

  2. Beltway Greg,

    Thanks for expressing your concerns. I’m sorry you’ve had unfavorable experiences with the partygoers of Georgetown, but I assure you that you’re not alone (I overhear these antics from outside my bedroom window at ALL hours of the night). With that said, I’d urge you not to write off all Georgetown students, or townhouse residents, as irresponsible, disrespectful drunks. Most Hoyas don’t identify as such, and no one benefits from exhibiting this image to the greater Georgetown neighborhood.

    If you have any more constructive comments or concerns, please email me (scw39).

    Sheila Walsh

  3. Sheila Walsh: handling sass with class since 1991.

  4. Great response. I agree that most GT students are great and I love to live in an area with both the students and the university. If you see a friend making a bad decision just kindly ask them not to make said decision and if they persist provide them with some direction. As I’ve written previously I lived in a couple of group houses in Georgetown/Foxhall and the first thing we did was to introduce ourselves to the neighbors and help them in any way we could. We actually raked leaves without being asked. What happened? We told them when we were having parties and invited them and they couldn’t have cared less. We established a good relationship. That was the key.

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