Twuesday Tweetacular: Homecoming: 1, Freshmen: 0

Michelle Pliskin echoes the sentiments of countless bleary-eyed students crawling to class on the Monday after Homecoming weekend. The seldom-truthful phrase, “never again” echoes the halls of Healy.

Vox respectfully disagrees with Megan Schmidt. Witnessing 1,000 freshmen slipping on pizza slices and spilling “non-alcoholic” beverages on their classmates at the Homecoming tailgate is the primary reason why college students and CSP employees lose their faith in humanity.

Voice Assistant Leisure Editor Julia Lloyd-George points out a yearly phenomenon that has a simple explanation: post-Homecoming alcoholic residue has seeped into Georgetown’s water supply, forcing our rodent friends to join us in feeling the hangover blues.

Georgetown Hot Mess appears to be issuing a challenge to the twittersphere, but why stop at winks? Vox urges everyone to incorporate the tongue-out winky face as well.

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