BroBible ranks Rhino #4 of best college bars in the nation

Did you really think we were done posting about college rankings?

In recent news, this week BroBible ranked the 100 best college bars in the nation, with The Tombs at 90th place and Rhino Bar and Pumphouse going for the win in fourth place. According to BroBible, Georgetown is the place to go for “popped collars, shots, and ballers.”

The website attributes Georgetown’s poppin’ Rhino scene to the lack of Greek life.

“Despite being an undeniable Bro haven, Georgetown does not have any “official” Greek life presence. This means that Hoya nation’s finest often take their talents to the corner of 33rd and M St., a place filled with a cataclysmic combination of Northeastern Prep, Mid-Atlantic lax swag, and a constant flow of liquor mixed with maxed out credit card tabs,” the description reads. “The upstairs–which often features the finest talent from Georgetown as well as GW–is an unrelenting cave of darkness whose flair for the sloppy make-out is second to none.”

In the past, the website has documented the Hoya basketball team’s brawl in China as well as the Harbin 9 DMT lab.

The Tombs received a slightly less dazzling review.

“The bar hosts highly popular Trivia Nights, which for a school known for training future government leaders, is probably the furthest possible thing from politically correct.”

Though we have yet again been stereotyped as a lax bro-filled, preppy university with guys and gals freely swiping our parent’s credit cards, it can’t come as a huge surprise that Rhino has stolen a spot in the heart of BroBible.

2 Comments on “BroBible ranks Rhino #4 of best college bars in the nation

  1. Oh man, may be time to transfer back to Georgetown…

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