Doug E. Fresh to headline Midnight Madness festivities

According to our entertaining friends over at Casual Hoya, this year’s Midnight Madness will feature hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh. One of the earliest and most successful beatboxers in rap, Mr. Fresh can make noises that sound nothing like those you’d expect to come from a human mouth. Though you can expect a great deal of beatboxing, also expect him to break out the Dougie with Cali Swag District’s hit single, “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

Midnight Madness, which officially marks the start of the college basketball season, took off on the Hilltop in the 1990s and has become a lighthearted celebration of the team. Past years have featured men’s head coach John Thompson III both dancing and orchestrating dances for his team. Two years ago, the event had perhaps its biggest headliner when DC-area rapper Wale performed for the McDonough Arena crowd. Last year featured a tribute to former Hoya greats, with legends from Patrick Ewing to Greg Monroe in attendance.

Aside from the special guest appearances and team introductions, a number of student groups, including GU Jawani, Groove Theory, and the Pep Band, showcase their talents throughout the evening. Every so often, the event also features a toilet shooting. The evening’s festivities usually get going early Friday evening, though students typically start lining up hours in advance.

We’ll leave you with this video promoting last year’s Midnight Madness. It features a great deal of the aforementioned Hoya legends and should get your sufficiently pumped up for the season opener, which is just 30 days away.



4 Comments on “Doug E. Fresh to headline Midnight Madness festivities

  1. If his name is Doug E. Fresh why don’t they call it “Teach me how to Doug E.?”

  2. please god no groove theory. or jawani. it’s embarassing on ESPN when kentucky has 20k people and a full scrimmage

  3. Because, dear voxy gurl, the dance itself is inspired by Mr. Fresh’s dance moves, but slightly different. And more importantly, it’s not his song.

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