Churros and mango salad appear in small plate form at Leo’s

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What is this specimen? It’s sugary, it looks like a doughnut, and reminds me of my study abroad  semester in Spain. But  no. Churros at Leo’s. Not possible.

Apparently, it’s “Maximum Mexican” day at Leo’s. The last time you were at at the dining hall, you checked the box for grilled chicken, specifically wrote “no bun, please, just chicken” and got a grilled cheese instead (true story, photographed below). Now, you get to the dining hall and some man in a chef’s hat smiles at you as he arranges tiny plates of mango cilantro salad and some kind of weird Mexican cinnamon sticks. Isn’t mango season in June?

Sure, biting into the churro might make you feel like you’re about to chip a tooth, but hey, this is unreal. This is about as weird as the time they served cilantro-infused grapefruit water. We appreciate Aramark’s efforts to maximize the Mexican spirit, but can’t help but wonder if these “action desserts” are just a way to distract from what we all really miss and love: making our own damn pizzas.

photo (24)

6 Comments on “Churros and mango salad appear in small plate form at Leo’s

  1. cinnamon stuffed cannoli, anyone? (that dude always has the weirdest desserts)

    mexican day today consisted of-
    ground beef
    ground beef
    ground beef
    watery refried beans

    all of which they serve EVERY EFFING DAY at the taco station

    I got the pulled barbeque chicken sandwich today (which was the special at the grill)—IT WAS WARM CHICKEN COLD CUTS WITH BBQ SAUCE. /ragequit

  2. “Weird Mexican cinnamon sticks”? East Coasters have no appreciation for the achievements of Mexican cuisine!

    Then again, I haven’t tried the Leo’s version…

  3. MARRY ME VOXY GURLLLLL – I’ll wrap a very small churro around your finger and carry you off to the land of infinite mangoes and action-packed desserts in small- and medium- plate forms

  4. They really shouldn’t keep everyone’s hopes so high with names like maximum mexican. They should really be more realistic with names like:

    Mixed-reviews Middle-Eastern

    Barely Barbecue

    Almost Asian

    No- other- option Vegetarian

  5. I think that was a typo on the order slip, they meant “Cheese breast sandwich” and “grilled chicken sandwich” not chicken breast and grilled cheese. So you got what you ordered, the cheese breast.

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