Comments of the Week: Vox, stop supporting the machine

Last week, news was poppin’ on campus. From Todd Olson’s acceptance of “clear and convincing” to the Licensing and Oversight Committee’s recommendation that the University sever ties with adidas, commenters had much to work with and apparently enough time to dabble in some light Photoshop . ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SEVERING exposed the ties Vox Populi clearly needs to sever with our own homepage.

boycott vox until they stop SUPPOTRING THE MACHINE

Leo’s did not fare too well last week; students met at the first Hoya Roundtable of the semester demanding explanations from the University on the quality and changes at the dining hall. Students were frustrated by the University’s decision to renew its contract with Aramark, but PM took a moment to reflect on the Weberian model of bureaucracy that is Georgetown.

“Moderated by Chief Operating Officer Christopher Augostini, the Hoya Roundtable included the new Provost Robert M. Groves, Chief Business Officer for University Services Debbie Morey, Interim Vice President of Facilities Frank Tiscione, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Margie Bryant, Marketing Manager Kendra Boyer, and Chief Operations Director of Dining Robert Tobin.”

How does Georgetown have more ridiculous titles than the Pentagon? (And why does Leo’s need a “marketing manager”?)

The founder of the website “Drunken Georgetown Students” started posting again, with videos of some house parties on 37th Street. sir gives the man credit where it’s due:

like this sheee on google +, reblog, whatevers, get the word out. His efforts should not go unrewarded. And raging parties like these will certainly boost the schools big time bad-boy rep. Good on ya Professor steven brown, photographer and student watcher extraordinaire!

In what was the purest form of investigative journalism, Voxy Gurl posted from Leo’s about Leo’s on the beauty of action-desserts at the establishment. LudaFish AKA Fishy-Scent illuminated Aramark’s true motives of deception:

They really shouldn’t keep everyone’s hopes so high with names like maximum mexican. They should really be more realistic with names like:

Mixed-reviews Middle-Eastern

Barely Barbecue

Almost Asian

No- other- option Vegetarian

And last, but not least, doo$h proposes to Voxy Gurl through Vox Populi in an offer that no sane individual would turn down.

MARRY ME VOXY GURLLLLL – I’ll wrap a very small churro around your finger and carry you off to the land of infinite mangoes and action-packed desserts in small- and medium- plate forms

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