ANC Wrapup: Recognizing Georgetown’s unsightly boxes

At last night’s meeting with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the commissioners focused on the rerouting of the G2 bus, a plan for the “distressing” and unsightly Comcast boxes, and the move of a Wisconsin Avenue Capital Bikeshare station.

To recognize (verb): to acknowledge formally. as (a): to admit as being lord or sovereign
At the Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s monthly meeting this Wednesday evening, the commission agreed to discuss Georgetown’s Campus Plan on Georgetown’s campus, which will be held in the Leavey Center on Dec. 3, “in recognition of the Georgetown Community.” One commissioner joked that he would prefer to hold the meeting in Gaston Hall.

A job well done
The commissioners applauded the completion of the O and P street “rehabilitation,” which the Citizens Association of Georgetown nominated for an award for excellence in historic preservation. This construction project rerouted the G2, which ran from Georgetown’s main gates to Dupont Circle and Howard, to not go past Wisconsin during the construction. The Commission said it would not return to its normal route until mid-December. Students have expressed frustration through an online petition, demanding the G2 return to its normal schedule.

“It was an extremely job well done,” Commissioner Jeff Jones said on the O and P Street construction work.

Comcast makes Georgetown an “aesthetic wreck”
The principal issue of the night was the green, freezer-sized Comcast boxes that residents believe will interfere with the “historic” aesthetic of the area they are attempting to conserve. Comcast placed these boxes in residents’ front yards and sidewalk areas.

“This business is coming into our community and is just making an aesthetic wreck of what we try to conserve in our historic district,” said Commissioner Tom Birch.

A Georgetown resident said that after placing one of the boxes near his home, Comcast left a pile of bricks and plywood, which could invite vandalism, for him to clean up. He also said the boxes are unsightly, and they “wouldn’t even be approved of in a tacky, suburban area.”

The District Department of Transportation is contacting the company, which has been “unapproachable” for local residents, to clarify approval procedures of the placement of the boxes. The current boxes are at risk of being taken down. According to the residents, one of the boxes makes a sidewalk inaccessible to disabled persons.

To share or not to Bikeshare
The Commission also discussed the Bikeshare location on 1045 Wisconsin Ave., which interferes with the sidewalk. Due to the construction of a nearby building, the station is being moved to 1041 Wisconsin Ave. The station will hold 23 bikes.

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