Saxbys bought by three Georgetown graduates

photo (25)On Oct. 24 Saxbys owners Jack and Elizabeth Egle handed over the keys to the flagship Georgetown café to three Hoyas: Jim Hilson (COL ’08), Eric Rodawig (’07),  and Ken Martin (’07).

“We were all friends during school and we stayed in touch since then,” Hilson said. “Now, we’re business partners.”

Of the three Georgetown alumni, Hilson is the only one living in D.C. and will work full time as the operating manager. As a student, Hilson worked at the coffee shop for a year, shortly after the location opened. He kept in contact with the owners over the past few years and expressed interest in buying if they ever decided to relocate elsewhere and sell the shop.

Relocate they did, and Hilson pulled together the finances between him and his two friends to buy the franchise. In the past few years, Hilson worked in human resources for a defense contractor in D.C. “It will absolutely change my lifestyle but I’m extremely excited,” he said. “I love being in the atmosphere of the coffee shop.”

Although the new owners plan to “stick to the traditions” and keep the culture and ambiance of the café unchanged, Hilson plans to make a few operational modifications. “There are a few operational things that we’d like to do differently a little bit down the road…things like making sandwiches inside the shop, whereas currently we get them delivered every morning fresh from a deli,” he said.

Correction: Previous version of this post called the coffee shop “Saxby’s” when it is in fact “Saxbys.” Apologies for this error.

8 Comments on “Saxbys bought by three Georgetown graduates

  1. How about getting people to not double park and block parts of 35th Street in the mornings?

  2. I am so happy for these three new owners! This is a great coffee shop that I would recommend to anyone in the area. Good luck guys!

  3. So excited for Georgetown grads, Jim, Eric and Ken to realize this dream!! Wish you every success!!

  4. So are they buying just the franchise or the whole building?

  5. Does it stay as a Saxbys franchise or would they go with the old name for the shop (Sugar’s)?

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