Students leave doors unlocked and laptops are stolen

In Copley Hall around 3 p.m. today, students reported that laptops and cell phones were stolen from their dorm rooms. The students left their room temporarily and returned to a room devoid of electronic equipment.

In the past month, the Department of Public Safety Chief Jay Gruber began promoting a software called LoJack that can track the location of a stolen laptop. DPS launched a campaign, setting up in the front entrance to Lauinger Library, to educate students on the best ways to prevent laptop theft in the library or in residence halls given the frequency of these burglaries.

In the month of October, there were 35 crimes reported to DPS, six of which were laptop thefts. LoJack and the University are partnering to decrease the cost of the tracking software from $40 to $13.95 per year. Then of course there are cheaper options, like gluing your laptop to the table. Though perhaps not as effective.

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