Vintage thrift chain and preppy European store open on M Street

buffaloIn the past couple weeks, two new stores opened on M Street: the well-known resale chain Buffalo Exchange and American East Coast clothing line GANT. Buffalo Exchange replaces what was formerly Annie Creamcheese at 3279 M Street, which recently closed and moved to Los AngelesVox was not able to get a comment from Annie Creamcheese on their decision to leave the Georgetown market.

GANT, on the other hand, occupies the space that was held by the jazz bar Saloun at 3239 M Street, which closed last October. According to the D.C. blog Guest of a Guest, Saloun owners who were there for over two decades left to “move on to new projects.” GANT has kept exposed brick with names of Saloun patrons to preserve the historical character of the bar. The tradition was that your name would be written on a brick of the bar if you donated money to build new schools.

The Georgetown Patch reported that in a press release last Monday the CEO of GANT USA David Arbuthnot explained the very logical expansion to the Georgetown area. “Expanding into Georgetown was a natural step as GANT’s aesthetic is grounded in our authentic American East Coast heritage,” he said in the press release.

GANT’s style is self-described as traditionally American with a European flair. Their clothing line is often catered to Ivy League students, and a video on their website features profiles of students from Yale University talking about their studies and wearing GANT clothing. The company started out in Connecticut with a huge base of customers from Yale.

Buffalo Exchange Associate Manager and Marketing Leader Selena Baker said Black Friday was the second highest grossing day since its opening. She added that despite Georgetown’s upscale market, consumers are still interested in vintage resale clothing.

“Before we opened I had wondered how it would affect business,” Baker said. “But at the end of the day there are people who like great deals and we have strong designer aspects going on in here…people that like a good deal will like a good deal no matter where it is I don’t think that’s changed.”

Photos by Miles Gavin Meng


One Comment on “Vintage thrift chain and preppy European store open on M Street

  1. How does a company that starts out in Connecticut and is based on the Yale look consider itself “European”?

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