GU alumnus D. Taylor (SFS ’80) to become president of UNITE HERE

unite hereAfter 40 years of work with culinary unions, Donald Taylor (SFS ’80) will be the next president of UNITE HERE!, the union that represents Georgetown’s dining service workers. Taylor, currently the head of the Las Vegas Culinary Union Local 226, will now lead a union that represents almost a quarter of a million workers across the nation.

Taylor, known as D., will replace former UNITE HERE! president John Wilhelm. UNITE HERE! was not available for comment on Taylor’s new position.

Back in 2009, In Business Las Vegas spoke with Taylor about members of Culinary and how the recession has hurt workers in Las Vegas. “I think it’s brought a fair amount of anxiety and insecurity that Las Vegas had not seen at least for 20 years,” he said to the LA Times. 

At Georgetown, Taylor was the son of a single mother and waited tables to get through school in six years. The year following his graduation, Taylor was hired by Culinary. Since 1980, the union has gone from 18,000 to 60,000 members.

One of Taylor’s primary goals is to increase the number of Hispanic and African-American organizers and labor leaders in America. “The U.S. military is the best institution in America for developing African-American leadership. We should follow that example,” he said to the LA Times.

Taylor has become an extremely well known figure in labor politics. Last year, he was arrested alongside 100 Culinary members during a demonstration against Station Casinos, a Las Vegas company that Culinary was trying to unionize.

Read more about Taylor’s career and experience here. Via LA Times, Photo from UNITE HERE website

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