“Jane Hoya is a Canadian,” Georgetown Insults

Update: Georgetown Love Professions launched today. “Send your professions of love through the wonderful world of Facebook and let your special someone know that they’re loved!”

Apparently, Georgetown students are more likely to compliment than insult each other, at least publicly. In the past week, two anonymous Facebook pages started, “Georgetown Compliments” and “Georgetown Insults.” The students behind these Facebook accounts will not reveal their identities, but will repost any compliment, or insult, about another student, campus organization, or group, on their respective pages.

Since Monday, Georgetown Compliments has reached 1,085 friends and continues to grow. In the past 24 hours there were approximately 60 “compliments” to various students. Both Compliments and Insults post any message sent to their account, without revealing the identity of the student who sent in the compliment or insult.

Compliments were, naturally, pretty tame. “Fakher Elfayez is the coolest freshmen on campus and I’m so glad to have gotten to know her :),” one comment read.

Georgetown Insults started in reaction to Compliments, but still only has 400 friends. The idea behind “Insults” is to let out any frustration on about campus organizations or groups. When asked about how “Insults” began, the owner of the account wrote in a Facebook message to Vox that the page was created to “troll” Compliments.

Some were called out for their political views:
maggie cleary

Others were purely nonsensical:

maggie cleary

And a spat between the Republicans and Democrats on campus was inevitable, though not very clever:

maggie cleary

The first page of this type started at Queens University (in Canada), and now others have followed suit. Students at Princeton University launched a compliments Facebook account last week. Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and other universities also jumped on board.

“Personally I don’t think an Insults page is a good idea as it can lead to hatred and, as evidenced by history, radical and unforeseen ends. The Internet is quite a powerful tool,” Georgetown Insults wrote. “It definitely has the potential to get out of hand, but thus far a majority of the messages we have been receiving are individuals making jokes about their friends with their friends eventually finding out who posted it, and in retaliation sending me an ‘insult’ about said friend.”

Insults added that any comments that seem particularly “hateful or abusive” are filtered out. “I figure the buzz about this whole compliments v insults thing will fizzle out within the next few weeks as exams come to a close, but for now it seems to be a good way to procrastinate and say good things about or insult your friends.”

The posts are still coming in, and some of them are starting to cite people’s sex lives (“***** ***** doesn’t put out”) or calling other students “sexual predators.” Mildly concerning, but Insults is still in action for now.

Post will be updated as the story develops, xoxo,

Voxy Gurl

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  1. Your byline craze is getting out of hand! Before soon we’ll have “Vanya Voxy Gurl Tits XOXOXO <3 Mehta-worldpeace."

  2. And a spat between the Republicans and Democrats on campus was inevitable, though not very clever:

    >Implying any of the posts were “clever,” or are supposed to be.

  3. i agree, your bylines and writing style is approaching the verbal equivalent of blingee

  4. …a Voxy mustache. It’s pretty hot. But your alter ego is still disturbing.

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