Georgetown ranked #8 of most stressful schools in the country

Stress-Relief1As we gear up for the finals countdown, the Daily Beast published a list of the top 25 most stressful schools in the country, ranking Georgetown eighth.

Washington University in St. Louis came in first place, followed by University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Harvard, Northwestern, Brown, and Wesleyan.

The gallery also included crime rankings for each school, from data provided by the Department of Education. Georgetown ranks 21st among the top 25 for its crime rates. Wesleyan University ranked first for its crime rates.

Moral of the story? You may be stressed about losing your laptop, but the folks over at Wesleyan are more likely to have theirs stolen.

4 Comments on “Georgetown ranked #8 of most stressful schools in the country

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  2. This is just silly. How on earth is one supposed to take seriously a study on stress with this stated methodology:

    “Stress in college comes from a bevy of sources. Aside from the obvious academic pressures, there are the prospects of debt, the social anxieties, and the realities of life as an independent adult. To compare campuses, we considered the total price of attendance, the percentage of students receiving financial aid, as well as the average amount of financial aid, the selectivity based on the average SAT or ACT score and the percent of applicants admitted—each weighted 20 percent. Each campus’s on- and off-campus crime record for the last three years, according to U.S. Department of Education, was factored in as a bonus percentage.”

    Whatever stress my be induced by the average SAT and the percentage of applicants are admitted is presumably no longer pressing on people who have already been admitted. That leaves them with three indicators: total price, percentage receiving aid and average amount of aid. So all the stress is due to financial factors? That may be, and it’s not to be dismissed, but how would you know from this study?

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