Men’s soccer prevails 3-1 over San Diego

Vox would like to extend its most sincere apologies to anyone who did not make it to North Kehoe field Saturday to witness the epic Elite Eight men’s soccer game between the Georgetown Hoyas and the San Diego Toreros. It was probably the most exciting game the men’s soccer team has ever been a part of. The best part? The season doesn’t end here; the story continues.

The game began with very high tempo as players on both sides were flying around the pitch, creating half chances. Both teams were eager to gain the upper hand and control the early run of play.

San Diego would be the first team to settle into their rhythm. Thankfully Cole Seiler’s great sense of position did not let him down as he made some key interceptions to deny the Toreros a run at goal, limiting most of their chances to long free kicks.

Hoya fans were in for a scare in the 21st minute when a free kick from San Diego midfielder Danny Delgado sent a sumptuous shot into what appeared to be the back of the net. Much to the dismay of the San Diego fans, the ball actually landed on top of the net. Hoya fans breathed a huge sigh of relief. More than one confused utterance of, “Wait… it’s a corner? Thank god” was heard.

After a number of glittering chances for both teams, the first half would draw to a close with the score tied at 0-0. The game looked to be headed towards a stalemate, but would soon take a turn for the excellent.

In the 40th minute of the second half, the Toreros would score courtesy of a corner kick sent straight to the head of Torero defender Julian Ringhof. The ball sailed past Georgetown keeper Tomas Gomez and in for the first score of the game.

The Hoyas immediately battled back as Brandon Allen scored off a Georgetown free kick to tie the game. The goal would eventually be ruled an own goal off the San Diego defense, but ask Brandon about it and Vox is sure he’ll claim the cred.

A reinvigorated Hoya team began to surge forward and create chances left and right. A tap in missed by Steve Neumann here, a speculative scissor kick from Andy Reimer there. The Hoyas put San Diego under real pressure.

Finally in the 16th minute, the Hoyas would take the lead. Neumann delivered an immaculate free-kick into the box, which was swept into the net at the back post by none other than Melvin Snoh. His first career goal at Georgetown could not have come at a better time as the Hoyas went up 2-1.

The Hoyas would dominate midfield for the last leg of the game as the San Diego defense resorted to a kick and run style of play. The Hoyas put a bow on the whole affair with a third goal, courtesy of Andy Reimer. Reimer put the ball through into the box, but his first shot deflected off the post. He then fought past another two defenders and finally sealed the win for the Hoyas.

Georgetown will look to continue it’s historical run in the 2012 NCAA men’s soccer tournament when they take the University of Maryland on Friday in Hoover, Alabama at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Photo: Miles Gavin Meng

5 Comments on “Men’s soccer prevails 3-1 over San Diego

  1. holy crap, my mother already knows about this and she only reads things in print. come on. this sucks. bring back chris heller!

  2. Sincerest apologies. New Vox editor is not sports-inclined. I’ll let the sports-people write the headlines next time.

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